During emergency states, like the recent COVID-19 virus that has placed so many persons in lockdown, maintaining serious communications is more significant than ever. Using public protection two-way radios or Radios de comunicacion not only keeps staffs connected with crisp clear audio, however it also keeps them responsible with location tracking competency via Wi-Fi.

1. Enhanced Communication

In times of uncertainty, persons are more stressed which could create a panic. It is easy for email and text messages to be misinterpreted or misunderstood. With commercial two-way radios, you could broadcast a message in seconds by the push of a button.

If your business is suffering through the pandemic because of mixed messages otherwise a lack of communication, you are not alone. Combining the extensive coverage of a nationwide cellular network with the ease of two-way radio communications will improve communication — keeping teams linked.

2. Protects Your Staff

Protecting your workforce in the arena and running a smooth operation needs a clear line of communiqué at all times. With more staffs working remotely, you could not afford to wait for them to check their emails otherwise text. Every second matters in an emergency particularly when lives are at stake.

Not all emergencies are medical emergencies. The failure of vital services, including electrical outages plus plumbing failures, means teams need to reply quickly.  Public safety radios permit real-time communications letting you to get in touch with your team rapidly and efficiently.

3. Makes a Nimble Workforce

With so many businesses shutting their doors because of the pandemic, remaining in business is a significance, even if the parts of the team are working from home. This means making a nimble workforce that could respond to client needs rapidly. Any miscommunication could lead to a crack in operations. Using two-way radio communications means a manager or executive working from a home office could communicate successfully with teams working in the field.

4. Keeps workers connected

Working in seclusion can pose a challenge for maximum people. Staffs still need to feel an association with others. Yes, severe communication is required to get things done, but having the irregular chat with your team that would typically take place in the break room is a valuable way to break the pressure of coming to terms with this new realism and maintaining positive company confidence. Two-way radio communications keep remote workers linked. Engaged staffs are more productive workers.

5. Business Continuity

Not all two-way radios are identical. Choosing the right device for the area you want to cover would keep you in business. High-level interference would significantly decline the quality of your communications. Big buildings that have older construction are not constructed for reliable cell coverage.

With several workers working remotely, a loss of cell phone coverage could bring any business to a halt. Consider if your business needs “two-way” radios or “walkie talkies”. Both are proficient of sending and receiving radio transmissions.


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