Looking to Keep Your Roof Safe This Summer? Try These Tips!


Summer is the season of lazy beach days, smoldering barbecues, and oh—forgotten roofs. Wait, what? That’s right. Your rooftop needs a little love during the heat wave months just as much as any other time of the year, even if it’s just to ensure it’s not the one causing your lazy days to nosedive. Here’s a cheeky guide for any homeowner looking to avoid an unexpected rooftop rendezvous this summer.

Inspecting Your Roof

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and you’re standing on your rooftop, wondering why there’s a patch of dead grass up here. What seems to be going on?

It’s high time for a top-down scan of your roofing. Inspect the shingles for any signs of damage or if they are getting too cozy with each other—those little cracks can be gateways to The L Word (Leak, that is). Don’t forget to peer into the attic to spot any unwanted beams of sun and “shady” water stains where they shouldn’t be. This kind of Cliff’s Notes you don’t want to ignore.

Cleaning and Clearing Debris

Debris might be the classic defense mechanism of a sloth attempting to camouflage itself against something sloth-like, but when it piles up on your roof, it’s not quite as charming. Broken branches, leaves, and the odd plastic bag that your neighbor mistook for a kite one particularly windy night should be evicted. They block your gutters’ party-goers from going home and might signal to the shingles “It’s time to fall!”—and no one wants that literal roof party.

Trimming Trees

Speaking of overhangs, those seemingly friendly neighborhood trees can be quite the Mr. Hyde when their branches get overfamiliar with your eaves. A good rule of thumb is to trim them back at least 10 feet to prevent unwanted scuffles. When it comes to trees and your house, no kissing partners.

Attic Ventilation

Your roof is the matriarch of your home’s climate control system, and it does a jolly good job of it. But even the strongest personalities need a little space to breathe. Ensuring your attic’s well-ventilated is as pivotal as scoring VIP passes to a summer music fest. Improper ventilation can wreak havoc on your shingles, woodwork, and even lead to a touch of mold—the green monster of home maintenance.

Professional Inspection

For those of you who prefer an “I-only-roll-with-licensed-vendors” approach, getting a Phoenix roofing company to do the summer check-up is akin to hiring a personal trainer for your roof. They have the experience and the tools that allow them to do a more thorough job than you possibly could. Plus, it’s reassuring to know that the clinking sounds in the night aren’t a gang of tiny hammers but a job well done.

The summer season is all about the enjoyments, but it’s also the right time to ensure your home’s guardian—the roof— is in its best shape to protect. By following these simple tips, you can save yourself from future headaches and keep your property safe from the top down. Now go out there, soak up the sun, and leave the roof drama for another day!


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