7 Things to Consider while Traveling to Dubai from Colombia


Dubai has been a popular tourist destination for decades; even today, the city does not fail to amaze people. Are you planning a trip soon? Great, let us help you with some tips, which will assist you in making your trip a memorable one. Are you ready for some enlightenment? 

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Let us get started with the details.

  1. Eating In Public Places

Eating in public at certain places within the city is not allowed and you need to research this first. The first place where you should not eat is any public transport. Also, during Ramadan, you must not be caught eating or drinking water in public places, you can do all of this within the confinements of your hotel or place of residence.

  1. Carrying Drugs Is Not Allowed

Dubai just like all countries has no tolerance for people who carry drugs and other illegal items so make sure you never enter the country with such items. If you are carrying medications, you must make sure that they are accompanied by a recent prescription from the doctor. Do not carry fur coats, items made from ivory, or any other items from animals that are banned.

  1. Alcohol Consumption

You have to be at least 21 years old to consume alcohol, some bars and restaurants have a minimum age limit of 25 years. If you wish to purchase alcohol from shops you need to get a license. You must remember that during Ramadan you will not be served any alcohol at restaurants and bars.

  1. Code Of Conduct

Dubai is a very modern city, but it also has its set of rules that you must follow no matter what.  You should not indulge in PDA in public places as it is seen as an act of obscenity. You must never indulge in cross-dressing as homosexuality in the UAE is a crime. You never get drunk and misbehave in public places as it could land you in jail. Tourists should not use harsh language or hand gestures.           Not paying your bills anywhere in the UAE could put you in jail. You can wear trendy casuals in Dubai, but you must not wear short or revealing clothes under any circumstances.  Tourists from Columbia are not to wear swimwear outside the designated area.

  1. Research Your Options

If you are interested in making your trip a cost effective one then you should research hotel price and airfares. Take your time to look at the different travel websites before you make final booking. If you book well in advance, you will get good discounts. Also, for your sightseeing in Dubai, you must get in touch with a local tour operator in Dubai who will help you out by suggesting good packages. There are many such agencies in Dubai so select a few reputed names and read about the services they have to offer. Run a comparison between them as it will help you decide. Visit their official website and read the customer testimonials.

  1. Important Documents

To secure a Dubai visa from Colombia you must get your important documents in order. Hire the services of a reliable agency that will help you put your documents in order and then help you file your application. You can look up names of reliable visa processing agencies on the internet. You will have to fill out online forms and it would be wise to submit authentic information about yourself.

  1. Pack Your Suitcase Carefully

The Arabian sun in Dubai is strong even during the winter and the first thing you should put in your bag is a big tube or bottle of sunscreen. Also, do not forget to pack items such as mosquito repellent, water bottle, hats, sunglasses, and deodorants.

Dubai is a wonderful place to visit and it offers tourists the best of all worlds. Whether you love luxurious shopping, dining, or adventure sports, the city will you the ultimate thrill. The best time to visit this city is November to March as the temperatures are very tolerable. Do not visit during the summer months as the temperatures are unbearable and you will not be able to go out and participate in outdoor activities. Since you are now armed with the right information, you are now ready to go to Dubai and have fun.


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