Tips For Getting Free Coins on Game of Thrones Online Slots


Since the establishment of the first casino house in 1638, there has been a fast influx of gambling houses worldwide. Businessmen built casinos in every legally allowed area, making the casino market a generously lucrative one.

Also, the introduction of technology has immensely improved the casino industry, creating an online platform for gamblers to play within the comfort of their homes. Slot machine lovers can play the best free online slots, and gamblers can dabble in any of their favorite casino game online.

In 2015, the popular Game of Thrones series was made into an online slot game. It was a big bang for gamblers who are lovers of this eccentric series. However, to play online slot games well, it is advisable to follow tips from casino gambling experts. 

Alexandra Vasilkova, an expert on casino gambling regularly gives gaming strategies and tips on how to win online casino slots, among many other games. You can follow Alexandra’s profile here to learn more tips on how to play slots at casinos.

How Do Slots Work?

Slots are a game of chance. A slots machine is a gambling machine that is dependent on chances. Players spin the wheel while staking their bets on a particular outcome. There are differing house edges on slot games, but they are one of the few casino games with a low house edge.

For example, while the house edge of simple slots varies from 3% to 20%, Keno Slots’ house edge ranges from 20% to 40%, making it the most expensive slot machine game. However, gamblers opt for Keno Slots with the “high risk, high gain mentality. Seasoned gamblers also believe that it is how to play keno slots.

Slots work on a Return to Player (RTP) basis, which decides how much the slot pays winning players. Consider it a reverse house-edge. For example, if a slot has an RTP of 80% and you win from a stake of $10, the slot will pay you $8 for every $10 gambled. Developing how to win casino slots is based on strategies and luck.

Tips For Getting Free Coins on the Game Of Thrones Online Slots

If you are a lover of Game of Thrones, you probably know the saying “Winter is coming.” The game of thrones online slot brings all the ice with it. However, to access free coins in this game, you can use some of the strategies.

1. Gather XP while Playing

In every online game of Thrones slot, it is easy to lose your start-up points while you watch the board spin profits into your pockets or lose rounds. However, you need to keep playing to generate more XPs. It is important to make spins since every spin you make earns you experience points.

XPs unlock features as you reach new levels. This could include earnings, coins, and improved game modes. Experience points are eye-openers on how to win online slots. XPs are slow ways of generating advanced game modes and free coins.

Bigger bets give more XPs, but it is safe to bet small until you can handle the big losses. It is a game of chance, after all.

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2. Complete Quests Levels For Extra Rewards

Game of Thrones online slots games are equipped with quests all through the game to help you earn more coins.

These quests are not available throughout the game, but it opens another harder quest with bigger rewards. To earn free coins, you can complete this quest to get rewards and move on to another one.

In addition to the rewards you get on spinning, these quests are icing on the cake. This explains the question of how do slots work? Slots are a game of chance, but it’s a winning game with enough strategy.

3. Join a House As Soon As Possible

You cannot be a Game of Thrones fan if you do not belong to a house. One of the interesting features of the GOT slots game is the “HOUSE” system. The house feature is unlocked within the first few hours of playing. Hence you should have a house. You can either achieve this by building your house or joining one.

House members get free coins and other rewards when one of them wins. To win free coins and rewards, ensure that there are active players in a house before joining them. You can also play your part by completing quests in the house.

A house with many active users will earn points faster than houses without them. In addition, your house could get protected each season depending on how active the house members are. Your rewards increase as your house is promoted. Teamwork is a secret weapon for players who know how to win online slots.

4. Make Friends in the Game

Aside from house members that you can play within the online casino game, you can also add friends to your game. You can achieve this using the Friends button on the home page.

You can share your code with your friends through social media to play a fun game or teach them how to play slots at casinos. Every time your link is used to play Game of Thrones online slots, you get a reward. If you do not want to send out your links, you can send friend requests to other players in the game.

Most players are wary because they do not know how to win casino slots. There is speculation of slot machines being rigged. However, slot machines cannot be rigged due to their RTP components. You can understand by learning how to play keno slots and other slot games online.

Final Notes

The Game of Thrones slots game is entertaining and exceptional. You also enjoy the experience when you have enough coins.

Use tips like gathering XPs and engaging in the quest to understand how to win a GOT casino slot. Enjoying your game is a priority, so do not forget to have fun while playing.


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