Best Patio Cover Ideas


Do you own a beautiful outdoor space? Are you looking for the best patio cover ideas? Whether you own a garden or have a backyard area, adding a shaded patio cover will outshine the area. Not only does a contemporary patio cover in Los Angeles protect against the sun but also adds visual interest to your space. 

Also, a shaded or covered patio can make your outdoor experience much more pleasant. It will keep things cool and protect your space from various elements. So, get ready this summer to spend every day on the deck. 

Benefits of Outdoor Patio Covers Los Angeles

  • Patio covers can increase your home’s value
  • Reduces heat that enters your home by 50-75%
  • Adds beauty to your home
  • Increases functionality of your backyard
  • Protects from all types of weather
  • Can make your home look larger 
  • Extend your outdoor living space

Choosing the Right Patio Cover 

Material Comparison


  • Aluminum patio covers require little maintenance and are very easy to take care of
  • Aluminum is not susceptible to the environment. It can handle lots of sun and rain
  • Aluminum will not rot or rust


  • Wood gives your patio a more natural feel
  • Wood is easy to adjust the size and style to fit your needs
  • Wood is strong and will allow you to hang potted plants, fans, lighting, and other medium-weight items

What is better a Deck or a Patio?


  • The labor required to install a deck can be much less, even if you choose a high-end product, helping you reduce your overall cost
  • A deck can be more flexible in the actual location of where it is to be installed
  • A property installed deck can increase a home’s value by 10% by increasing the available living space
  • The lifespan of a wood deck that hasn’t been cared for is approximately 7-8 years
  • Installing a wood deck can provide you with a return on investment of 87% which is more than any indoor renovation
  • For homeowners who would prefer to avoid different colors of finishes and want to match their wooden pergola, fence, or screens would choose a wood deck purely because of aesthetics. 


  • While stone patios are a large initial investment, a property built stone patio could exceed a 25-year lifespan with little to no maintenance
  • Traditionally, patios were thought to be only installed flat, a patio can now tackle any terrain with steps and multi-leveled design
  • A property installed patio will increase the value of your home by up to 12%
  • With all the many different paver manufacturers there are out in the market today, many of them have reduced their costs making it more affordable
  • Patios can be installed flush to grade or below grade to allow access to windows or a walkout basement, as well as natural light
  • When it comes to return investment, the patio is king

Both of these fantastic choices have pros and cons that must be weighed by the homeowners, but keep in mind that whatever the homeowner decides, they will be making an investment not only for the good of their family but also their largest assent: their home. 

Great Patio Cover Ideas

If you are wondering about the best patio side covers outdoor, you are definitely not alone. Some patio cover ideas to consider are found here that will not only make the patio more comfortable and functional but also help to increase the overall home value.

  • Patio Pergola

Patio Pergolas are types that are connected/ attached directly to the main structure or house. This type of pergola may or may not be part of the original architectural design

  • Shelter your Patio with Colorful Accessories

If you are looking for an outdoor chill-out zone, what could be better than a beautiful patio? You can treat your outdoor patio with some comfy rugs, garden furniture, bold patterns, vibrant colors, and some best climbing plants. Overall, this set-up provides a lovely indoor-outdoor feel. 

  • Add a hanging Chair for Ultimate Comfort

If you own a patio, you must include a hanging chair in it. This should be a must-have seating solution of all season. You can sit back on the comfy hanging chair and watch the clouds drift by. It will both give a sophisticated and relaxed vibe. You can add some rattan furniture and wicker baskets to enhance the outdoor space more. 

  • Hang Curtains around a Patio

You can bring a sense of fullness to your outdoor space by adding some beautiful curtains around it. It will not only add privacy but will also give protection against the sun and other elements. You add white paint around the curtains to make them look open and bright at the same time.

  • Freestanding Patio Cover

The patio is often considered with a pergola or Gazebo. They are often freestanding patio covers for your outdoor space. One can use Victorian Gazebo that has a classic charm look. What we usually visualize when we hear the word ‘gazebo’ is a Victorian-style white gazebo made of wrought iron detailing, railings, finials, and fretwork.

  • Patio Cover Ideas for Rain

Wind, rain, and sun sensors automatically open and close the roof depending on the weather. One can integrate patio roof ideas like using frameless or aluminum sliding doors or even more weather protection. 

Let’s look at some of the patio covers for rain:

  • Stretch a tarp
  • Build a pergola
  • Construct a pavilion
  • Make use of trees
  • Buy partially shaded furniture
  • Use enclosed skylight
  • Hang curtains around the patio


So, adding a patio cover in your backyard enhances the outdoor space more pleasantly. It will add a vibe of relaxation and sophistication at the same time. All you need to do is browse through the best patio cover ideas to make it the perfect best place to hang out throughout all season.


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