Garage Door Maintenance Tips


Having enough information regarding maintaining garage doors is essential since it helps the door function efficiently. Many households have large garage doors, and by knowing specific maintenance tips, you can prolong your garage door’s life. However, apart from knowing maintenance tips, you should also be aware of its repair service. 

If the doors break down during an emergency, getting expert help might be challenging to rescue your trapped car inside instantly. Therefore, learning about garage door DIY repair will help you in those situations. This blog will discuss some garage door maintenance and repair tips for easier maintenance of your door. 

Maintenance Tips 

Check the Door and Listen for Sounds

Every year, at least 2-3 times, perform a thorough checking of the door. Check for the alignment of the parts and any weird movements and noises. Following this, bring all your important tools, like safety glasses, brake cleaners, etc. 

While working, keep track of your safety and unplug your garage door opener. Since the closing is automatic, there might be a risk of danger as it can close while you are working. Therefore, before doing the preventive maintenance, put a clamp under the rollers and on the track and fix it. 

Conduct the Safety Tests 

To check for proper maintenance, you will need to perform certain safety tests. These safety tests analyze the condition of your garage door and if any one of them remains unsuccessful, then consult a professional for repairing a garage door.

•    Check for the balancing condition of the door. Disconnect it from the opener and let it function manually. Then lift it up around halfway and leave it there. If the door stays fixed, then the balance is alright; however, if it slips down, there is no balance. 

•    There are two reverse safety features, the photocell feature and the mechanic feature. For checking the photocell feature, find the two photo sensors that are present at the base of the door and check for their alignment. 

If they are in proper alignment, then they will light up; hence perform adjustments if required. After aligning them, close your garage door and, while closing, wave an item in front of the sensors. 

If the door reverses instantly, then your sensors are working well; otherwise, contact your technician. Try to check the operating function of the sensors from at least three directions for better results.

•    For the mechanical feature, take a wood or brick piece and place it on the ground blocking the path of the door. Therefore, when the door is closing, it should come in contact with the objects and reverse back. 

However, if that does not happen, then your reverse feature is not working, and you need to consult help. 

Check the Rollers 

The rollers of your garage door need to be checked at least twice a year and replaced every seven years. If there are cracks or the rollers are worn out, then instant replacement should be done. For doing this, remove the roller brackets that are not connected to the cable system directly and reinstall them. 

Check the Cable and Lubricate the Working Parts 

Checking the cable for faults or damages is important. However, you must also be aware of the potential danger of messing with the cable since it can be life-threatening. 

Therefore, perform the checking from a safe distance and look for any damage or broken parts near the roller brackets. Apart from that, must lubricate the functioning parts regularly is an excellent way to prolong your garage door’s life. 

Clean the Tracks 

One of the most basic maintenance tips is cleaning the tracks. Ensure that the tracks on both sides of your door are clean and free from debris and grease. You can simply use a normal cloth and concentrated house cleaner for the cleaning process. 

However, limit yourself to the checking process only. The garage door repair service needs to be performed by a professional. 

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If your garage door’s installation requires servicing for a major problem or has any issues with the cable, then consulting an expert is the best choice. However, there are some simple garage door DIY repair tips that will help you to solve some basic problems. 

  • The Door is Not Moving Down

If your door fails to move down or close properly, then one of the biggest reasons might be your sensor. The issue might be something minor like misalignment or the location of the sensors. 

For such a case, adjust the alignment of your sensor and place it in a lower location. It might also not work since some other object is blocking its path. Therefore, remove every object from its surrounding for smoother movement. 

  • Door Opening Issues 

If your door is not opening with the remote, then maybe it’s time to change your batteries. It is a simple process, but it might not be effective. Your door might also need some complicated issue that needs fixing in the system, which is a challenging affair. 

If your door’s opening system is not fixed by changing the batteries, there might be an issue with the electrical line and garage door repair service will be required. 

  • Motor Issues

Issues like the constant running of the motor might arise with your garage door. To fix such things, adjusting the limit switch needs to be done. You will find the limit switch either in the rear of the track. After the adjustment, ensure whether it’s working or not thoroughly. 

  • Adjustment Needs

Apart from the above-mentioned ways of repairing a garage door, there are other alternatives as well. If your garage door still suffers from opening and closing problems despite performing the above tricks, then you can try adjusting the setting of the force by increasing it. 

To adjust it, you will need to rotate the knob present at the top of the door in a clockwise direction. Keep a constant check on the adjustment of the knob for proper performance. 


Therefore, knowing some basic maintenance tips for fixing your garage door’s installation is important. Learning about some garage door repair techniques also benefits you to easily fix your door without spending extra money or effort. 

Use the above-mentioned tricks and tips to perform DIY repair and maintenance of your door.


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