A Brief Guide About eCommerce Product Catalog Management


Ecommerce was a rising trend in the second decade of the twenty-first century. The pandemic has added to its popularity and made it the sole supporter of various retailers as well as consumers. Till the time human beings are alive, they need all the necessities to survive. Going out to shop is not safe, but online shopping and relying on e-commerce platforms is only feasible until they ensure proper product catalog management.

Ecommerce product catalog management is putting all the details of a certain product correctly in the software, so the B2B or B2C consumers do not face any problem in buying the product of their choice and particular specifications. Most of the time, the e-commerce supplier relies only on sharing the picture of the product, which is not enough and requires more professional handling.

Explore this article in detail to get your hands on a brief guide about e-commerce product catalog management and learn in detail.

Top 7 Practices to Improve eCommerce Product Catalog Management

When people visit the traditional stores to buy something, they check details of the manufacturers, manufacturing date, expiry date, ingredients used in the product, alternative options, and numerous other things. When they try to buy something from e-commerce stores, they usually get only the name and price of the product, which undermines their quality of experience. Product catalog management is necessary to ensure the quality experience of users.

Here are some of the most important practices that can help you improve e-commerce product catalog management and provide a quality experience to users.

1. Share Quality Product Information

The first and foremost practice to improve e-commerce product catalog management is sharing quality product information. This can be easily done by including details like product weight, color, size, best usage limit, and other points that can help the consumer make a better decision. Most service providers are nowadays hiring eCommerce solutions Dubai based companies to ensure proper product catalog management, which resolves the worries of consumers.

2. Categories Digital Products

One of the best practices that can help you improve e-commerce product catalog management is categorizing your digital products. Categorization will help the users refine and research the specific product they want without having to scroll through hundreds of products they do not intend to buy. Categorized product catalogs also help the users enter and find the product within few seconds and save their waiting time.

3. Share Suggestions for Related/Alternate Products

Another important practice you must adopt to improve product catalog management is sharing suggestions for the related as well as alternate products. Doing so will not only enable the user to explore the variety of other options but also try cheaper or finer versions of the product. Moreover, if some product is out of stock, they will get the opportunity to pick some other product instead of closing the site without buying anything.

4. Utilize Catalog Management Tool

Another practice that you must follow to provide a quality user experience is to utilize the catalog management tool. Managing the catalog manually will not only increase the hassle but also increase the risk of mistakes. On the other hand, utilizing catalog management tools will allow you to take care of cataloging and get rid of the worries of any mistakes in the process.

5. Personalize B2B Product Catalog

Another critically important practice that can help you improve e-commerce catalog management is personalizing the B2B product catalog. In the case of B2B dealings, the service providers often share varied prices and other specifications with different buyers. So, you need to take care of such little details while cataloging in order to maximize your profit and not compromise on the quality of service.

6. Balance Online and Offline Catalog

Even if you are using a catalog management tool, you must ensure balancing the online and offline catalog. You can use the offline catalog to update the details and descriptions on the online catalog. It will allow you to manage the records more efficiently and only share the credible and updated product description with your users.

7. Manage Product Catalog Database

Lastly, the most critical practice that can help you improve e-commerce product catalog management is establishing and utilizing a product catalog database. Instead of handling everything manually and making mistakes while increasing the hassle, it is best to handle all the operations through software. You can hire eCommerce solutions Dubai based companies and let the experts provide your personalized solutions which improve the quality of your service and user experience.

Contact The Experts For Further Guidance!

If you are wondering about how else you can ensure better quality service for your users and ensure proper catalog management, the answer is consulting the experts. You can get in touch with them to share your needs and requirements and get personalized solutions that will boost the trust of consumers too in your service.


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