Unleash Your Inner Chef with Wolf Appliances


Wolf appliances launched in 2000 and is a partner cooking brand owned by Sub-Zero. Wolf offers various culinary appliances that help you upscale your kitchen and cooking and increase your confidence.

These appliances and cooking ranges offered by DNJ are preferred by chefs and home cooks due to their durability, high craftsmanship, and integration of advanced technology. In a short period, Wolf has become an industry leader when it comes to cooking ranges and offers cooks versatility, robust performance, and a well-supported network.

This article has reviewed some of the best Wolf appliances that will help you improve your cooking and give your kitchen a professional look.

36″ Gas Range – 4 Burners and Infrared Charbroiler

Among the many Wolf appliances, the Wolf 36” gas range is a must-have for all households. Gain the control of professional chefs and confidently cook your favorite meals without worrying about burning them.

It has four dual-stacked, sealed gas burners which expertly control temperature and provide consistent heat. It also has a 16,000 Btu infrared charbroiler for grilling delicious burgers, steaks, and other succulent meats.

Key Features

● The porcelain-coated burners are easy to clean and manage.

● The conventional gas oven offers consistent heat across all burners and heats up quickly.

● The spark ignition system automatically reignites and offers superior temperature control.

30″ M Series Contemporary Stainless Steel Built-In Double Oven

Cook for a crowd easily with the Wolf M series stainless steel built-in double oven. Powered by the Dual VertiCross™ system, the oven delivers consistent heat across the oven cavity and eliminates hot and cold spots.

The oven has ten cooking modes, enabling you to master any dish without guesswork. It also has a gourmet feature that can prepare 50 popular dishes by automatically adjusting the cook time and temperature.

Key Features

● The two ovens offer twice the capacity of a standard oven and can accommodate multiple dishes together.

● The temperature probe alerts you when the dish is ready or in-gourmet mode.

● The triple-pane glass windows and three halogen lights offer increased visibility.

24″ E Series Transitional Speed Oven

If you don’t have the space for a dual oven but still want a high-end appliance, try the 24” E series Wolf oven. It has all the features of an advanced oven but smaller. It is an all-in-one oven and offers microwave, convection, and broil technologies. It has a highly intuitive gourmet mode and power levels, enabling you to take on difficult and delicious dishes confidently.

Key Features

● It has a stainless steel interior and can easily fit a 9×13” pan.

● It has two cooking modes – micro bake and micro roast.

● It has quick-start modes that eliminate preheating time.


Cooking can be difficult, especially if you don’t have the proper tools and appliances. Thus, you should opt for Wolf appliances for easier cooking. Not only do they offer advanced technology to offer a chef-like experience, but they also enhance your kitchen with high-end-looking appliances.

The pros trust Wolf appliances due to their commercial reliability and durability, excellent customer support, and warranty. Aside from this, Wolf also offers grills, warming drawers, inducted hoods, and more.


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