Ralph Oddball In The Simpsons – Complete Information Here!


Is bull’s The Simpsons plotting another person passing?

Over a month after Krusty the Clown’s dad died in its season 26 debut, the vivified hit dropped an enigmatic mystery during the end credits of Sunday’s Futurama

During “Simpsorama,” the cast of Futurama came to introduce day Springfield, with Homer and friends giving back in kind, going on their own outing to the 31st century. As the end credits rolled, a gravestone (presented above) flagged that repetitive weirdo Ralph Wiggum — the adorable child of Police Chief Wiggum, with eyes for Lisa Simpson — passed on in 2017.

So is poor Ralph, the weirdo behind one of The Simpsons’ best statements ever, truly in peril?

“No, [it was] simply an irregular joke,” leader maker Al Jean discloses to The Hollywood Reporter. “In a past future show, we considered Ralph to be a police boss with numerous clones — each being killed. Some have deciphered 2017 as the last year of the show, which is conceivable yet I question it.”

Jean recently disclosed to THR that he was astonished by the consideration the show got after he nonchalantly referenced the show was wanting to kill off a person voiced by an Emmy victor.

“I was doing a meeting where they asked what scenes we had coming up and I said, ‘All things considered, a person kicks the bucket and the entertainer who played the person won an Emmy for that representation,’ and that transformed into this colossal riddle,” Jean said after the season 26 debut. “Individuals all around the world were attempting and are attempting to settle still this secret.”


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