Bath Bombs: Are They Safe?


A Bath bomb is a product that adds softeners to your bath water to moisturize your skin. Regardless of your skin type, the purpose of bath bombs is to leave your skin silky and smooth. 

They also give your skin both cleansing and soothing effects. Nevertheless, there is a sort of controversy on the subject of how safe bath bombs are. 

Just for the know, you can get yourself some nice bath bombs from nectar bath treats.

So, let’s get straight to business.

What Makes Up A Bath Bomb?

The principal constituents of a bath bomb are sodium bicarbonate and citric acid, which end up neutralizing each other (that’s what happens between a base and an acid).

Usually, they contain other ingredients, including:

  • Preservatives
  • Dyes
  • Fragrances
  • Additives
  • Essential oils 
  • Moisturizing agents or ingredients

And this is the origin of the speculations about bath bombs being safe or not. This is because some of the ingredients in the bath bombs contain allergens that might irritate sensitive skin.


Are Bath Bombs Safe?

Research has shown that some of the other ingredients of bath bombs are very unsafe for the skin and our overall health.

The fizzy ingredients in bath bombs are associated with eczema, asthma, and cancer. Additionally, the components of most fragrances, plus boric acid, disrupt the endocrine system of the body, thereby causing a disruption in the hormonal balance of the body. 

Ultimately, these could lead to endocrine disorders such as type II diabetes, infertility, cancer of the breast, amongst other ailments.

Moreso, it is possible your body absorbs food dyes especially when you have recently shaved your skin or have an irritation on your skin. 

This ends up harming vital organs and tissues in your body when it gets absorbed into your bloodstream. Some of these ingredients are also linked to urinary tract infections and vaginal yeast infections.

In essence, some of the common ingredients of bath bombs render them unsafe to be used on the skin.

I know some of us are in love with the whole paparazzi of soaking ourselves in multicolored pool of water in our baths. This might get you asking what to do, so this brings us to

How To Use Bath Bombs Safely

Read the tips below if you do not want to give up totally on bath bombs:

  • Be mindful of the ingredients in your bath bombs before adding them into your cart. 

Experts advise that you stick to the ingredients you are quite familiar with and stricly avoid bath bombs that have talc or other artificial ingredients in them. 

  • A doctor recommends that you test the bath bombs before launching it fully into your bath tub. 

A helpful hint is to rub the bath bomb on your elbow and leave for 48hours. If it irritates your skin, then you have the answer you are looking for.

  • Lessen the amount of time you spend in the bath tub, and generally the number of times you use bath bombs in a week. 

This reduces your skin exposure to the ingredients, which is safer for you, I suppose.

  • Rinse your skin well after a bath with bath bombs, to eliminate any ingredients that might bond to your skin.
  • You can give a DIY bath bomb a shot too. There are safe recipes for bath bombs all around. 

Remember to carefully select your ingredients, in fact, you can stick only to the ones you have tested and trusted.


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