This Copy of Windows is not Genuine – Reasons and Fixes Check Here!


While utilizing your PC, you may run over the “duplicate of Windows isn’t certifiable” message. In the event that the Windows Operating System is showing this message, it implies the OS isn’t as expected actuated. What’s more, subsequently, Microsoft imagines that the Windows isn’t legitimately acquired or the Product Key isn’t unique.

This mistake can cause numerous issues. It doesn’t stop with notice as it were. In this way, you need to get to the foundation of the issue. In this blog, we have examined the explanation, the sign, and the simple fixes for the “this duplicate of Windows isn’t Genuine” blunder message.

Indication of “Duplicate of Windows isn’t Genuine” Error

When the “duplicate of Windows isn’t Genuine” blunder message happens, it shows a warning like this –

Windows 7

Fabricate 7601

This Copy of Windows isn’t Genuine

Presently, this is the message that you get at the principal event. In the event that you decide to overlook this warning, the blunder continues showing itself through a few glitches, intermittent hangs, auto restarts alongside following messages –

Windows isn’t veritable

Initiate Windows

This PC isn’t running a real Windows

The enactment period is Expired

This duplicate of Windows isn’t veritable – You might be a casualty of programming fake

Purposes for the Occurrence of “This Copy of Windows isn’t Genuine” Message

This mistake happens for various reasons. What’s more, there are a small bunch of things that can cause this blunder. The essential explanation is the Windows rendition you are utilizing isn’t certifiable. Thus, in case you are utilizing a pilfered duplicate, you need to get the real one.

Another normal explanation can be Windows update. Here and there in the wake of refreshing the Windows OS, the new update neglects to decide the Product Key. Likewise, in some uncommon cases, this blunder message can happen in case there is a malware assault.

The most effective method to Fix “This Copy of Windows isn’t Genuine” Message

There are a couple of arrangements that you can attempt in case you are getting a “this duplicate of Windows isn’t Genuine” blunder message. The fix will rely upon the underlying driver of the issue. Along these lines, attempt the accompanying fixes individually and see which one makes a difference.

Uninstall KB971003 Update

The KB971003 update of Windows OS is known for causing the “this duplicate of Windows isn’t Genuine” message. Along these lines, on the off chance that you have as of late introduced this update, uninstall it.

Snap on the Start fasten and afterward explore to Control Panel

Then, at that point, search for View Installed Updates and investigate it

From the rundown of updates, find the KB971003 update

Double tap on it and afterward pick Uninstall to finish the interaction

After the update is uninstalled, the gadget will restart. Ideally, the mistake will not show up after that.

Run the SLMGR-REARM Command

The SLMGR-REARM order can assist with the “this duplicate of Windows isn’t Genuine” warning. To begin with, access your PC utilizing the Administrative Privilege. And afterward, proceed with the accompanying advances –

Snap on the Start alternative and open Command Prompt by composing cmd in the hunt box

Then, at that point, type SLMGR-REARM and hit Enter

At the point when the affirmation window shows up, hit OK to start the cycle

When you run the order effectively, restart your PC and check for the mistake.

Register your License Key Again

At times the notice springs up just in light of the fact that the OS neglects to distinguish the License Key. Along these lines, attempt to enroll it again with the accompanying aide –

Discover the License Key from the sticker at lower part of the PC and note it down

Open a Run exchange box by clicking Windows + R keys

Then, at that point, type “slui.exe” inside the crate and hit OK

At the point when the order is fruitful, you will discover the Activation Prompt window

Snap on Retype the Product Key and afterward enter the number you noted

Ideally, this will fix the issue for once what not.

Re-Register the License Key

At the point when you update the Windows OS on your PC, it can disavow the first permit key. Or then again, the equivalent can occur in the event that you reinstall the updates or after a Windows recuperation. In these examples, re-enlisting the License key settles the issues like the “this duplicate of Windows isn’t certified” message.

Presently, the system of re-enlisting the License key will require the License key. This one you will discover at the lower part of the PC. Item mark and note it down once you discover the permit key. From that point onward, you can start the methodology.

To start, click Windows key + R and it will open the Run exchange box.

Presently, type “slui.exe”

Then, at that point, click on OK

In the wake of running the order, you will see the Windows Activation brief. Here, you need to choose the alternative saying “Retype your item key”

Presently, you will see a container where you need to enter the permit key you noted down beforehand

Ideally, this will fix the issue. In the event that you actually neglect to fix it, you can return to the Windows Activation screen. And afterward discover the Activate Windows Online Now choice. After this, you will see a lot of directions on the screen and follow those.

In the event that you bomb once more, click on the See alternate approaches to initiate the choice, and again you should adhere to the guidelines that will show up on the screen.


The blunder notices like “this duplicate of Windows isn’t Genuine”. Thus, if none of the strategies help, you can look for help from an expert. Or on the other hand you can check your PC for infections. Be that as it may, all the 3 fixes we have referenced normally work. Expectation it will work for you as well.


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