Sketchbook Drawing ideas and inspiration


what to draw or stuck for ideas? Whether you need something to get your lesson done or tackle your informative page, here are some ideas to get you started, from simple concepts to advanced projects. In a hurry? Check out this shortlist of drawing ideas pictures. Find out how to use a sample board for inspiration if you’re struggling with thoughts you can not quite put your finger on.

Ideas about life

Yet, the drawing offers many possibilities for the artist. In most types of still life, you can control the content, composition, and lighting to a great extent, making it a great variety to explore personal style and technique. Here are six creative still drawing ideas to get you started. Simple things can be great individuals, and looking at them in different ways can allow you to explore the composition and meaning. Browse combinations with a party to make a specific topic express many other ideas with a cross.

Landscape Drawing Ideas

Landscape type can include everything from newspaper instruction in your backyard to extensive mountain viewing. And as visually closely diverse, it is its meaning – the landscape can be simply an exercise in color, an honor in nature, or an observation of the human condition. Because of that scale, the landscape does not theoretically offer you how much control life still makes; it tells a different story in terms of your relationship to its elements. However, you can control the choice of subject, time of day and set your artistic vision on it. Take a look at these landscape drawing ideas for some ways to approach landscapes. Can’t find the view? Try one of these landscapes for inspiration.

Portrait Drawing

Drawing sports is a challenging task – a subtle difference that makes each human face unique can be a real challenge. Fortunately, there are some great tips and ideas to help develop and enhance your photography skills.

Portrait and photo drawing project

Make a series of drawings at the stages of life. You can use pictures of the same person, or draw other people from life, or a mixture of both. Draw a child, toddler, kindergarten, junior, middle and high school, teenagers, and adults through old age. What special treatment do drawings need for each period? Think about color (or the absence of color), lightness or strength of drawing, composition, detail. What changes in each level? If drawing one person, look for persistent symptoms.

If you have your pet to draw, you will always have a role model. But if you have trouble finding reference materials, planning a trip to the zoo, or asking a pet store or even a pet store for permission to take pictures of their animals. Good morning. Taking photographs can provide you with content for a month of drawing. (Remember to take lots of extra rolls of film.) Here are some ideas to get you started by drawing your favorite burning friend or wild creature.

Animal Drawing Project

Species and species

Create a series of drawings that have different breeds or varieties of the same animal. In each picture, look for the distinctive features of this breed. There must be a subtle difference for some creatures, and you need to choose the settings and angles to facilitate this care for others. You may want to isolate the animal on a white page or place it in a typical environment. This project conveys visual information by drawing, with proper attention to both form and surface detail.

Pet Day                 

Follow your pet through the day with a sketchbook or camera. Put them to sleep, play, eat and interact with other pets or people. You can make a mix of quick drawings and more detailed realistic works. This project is about capturing personalities and relationships, so while engagement is essential, the focus is on achieving good quality movement and expression and allowing emotions to show in the types of signals you use.

Exploring Abstract Art: Ideas and projects

For some artists, philosophy, literature and the art itself is an inspiration. Drawing can provide a way to explore concepts, bounce thoughts, and express emotions that are difficult to put into words. Traditional art forms often use allegorical figures and dramatic gestures, realistically painted, to express these ideas. Modern artists often use an abstract way of speaking very similar thoughts. Consider some of these methods.


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