Save Money With Driver Safety Training


Safe drivers can be some of your fleet’s most valuable assets. Below we have compiled five reasons why a driver safety training program can save your fleet money. 

Accidents can be incredibly costly. You have to worry about the cost of damage, and insurance premiums which can affect service coverage entirely. These extreme costs highlight the benefits and impact having safe drivers can have on your fleet. 

Here are the benefits driver safety training can provide your fleet with.

1. A Reduction in Accidents

The average cost of an accident involving a large truck costs around $91,000 in damages. When an accident involves a fatality, the cost jumps to an average of $3.6 million per crash. That being said, there are about 500,000 accidents a year involving a tractor-trailer. Sadly, around 5,000 of those accidents are fatal. This means that on average accidents end up costing the trucking industry nearly $63 billion annually. 

Not only do accidents create costs because of damages but they also create costs because of opportunity loss. When a vehicle is too damaged to drive or a driver becomes injured, that means they aren’t operating and revenue is being lost. 

This is why safe drivers are so valuable. Most accidents are preventable and safe drivers don’t get in as many accidents as reckless drivers. If you invest in proper training, fewer accidents will happen and you will save on costs. 

2. Lowered Costs of Insurance

Insurance is important so that you don’t have to cover all the costs and fees of accidents out of your pockets. When an accident occurs, your insurance goes up and the cost to insure drivers can double. Those raise in rates can last up to five years before you begin to see them decrease. 

Safe drivers who are trained properly save you money and keep your insurance rates low. 

3. Less Maintenance

When you have a driver who has safe driving habits and treats their vehicle with care, it will have a direct impact on the overall health of the vehicle. Safe drivers cause less stress on the vehicle’s tires and engine. Reduced stress leads the vehicle to last longer and reduces maintenance costs over time. 

4. Fewer Tickets

Safe drivers avoid common violations like changing lanes without signaling, speeding, and running red lights. All of these can lead to a ticket which comes with a cost. These costs can vary from state to state as well as the type of offense, but on average moving, violations cost around $150.

Along with moving violations, drivers can be responsible for other violations. This can include failing to stop at weight scales, defective tires, or being overweight on an axle. These tickets can cost over $100 each. 

Drivers who are properly trained don’t get as many tickets. Through a driver training program, they have learned the do’s and don’t of the road and help your fleet avoid costs. 

5. Reduce The Cost of Gas

With gas prices being high and unstable, driving has become more costly. Safe drivers who drive under the speed limit have a big impact on their vehicle’s fuel economy. The faster you drive a vehicle, the more gas needs to be used to maintain that speed. The general cost analysis is that for every 5 mph you drive over 50 mph is equivalent to paying 35 cents more per gallon. Safe drivers drive the speed limit, use less gas, and save you money. 

Your Fleet Needs A Driver safety 

An investment that will save your fleet money in the long run is a driver safety program. Through the use of simulators and other training products, drivers can learn and continue their education with realistic environments and scenarios that help them perfect their driving skills.


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