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A smart choice to shop while saving money is to analyze the offers and promotions indicated on tk maxx discount code. Generally, every supermarket offers products at special prices on a weekly basis and places this information on the flyers available online. In this way you can choose where to buy your products at the most advantageous price and maybe shop directly online, with maximum comfort.

You can find the flyers published on the website of the respective supermarket, or consult other sites specialized in the selection of flyers with the most convenient offers.

We have therefore created this guide with the intention of helping you navigate through the various options and select the best offers for everything you want to buy. Let’s see all the details below.

World Flyer

By entering the MondoVolantino website you can view hundreds of flyers and catalogs of the main Italian supermarkets updated in real time. You can select the flyer by choosing from the preview ones or by filtering by the numerous categories such as Supermarkets and Hypermarkets, Furniture and Faidate, Toys and Children, etc. 

Flyers for the best shopping centers in the main Italian cities are also made available on the site , showing the main shops with their offers and active promotions.

Flyer finder

Another interesting site is Trovavolantini where there are more than 25,000 shops and hundreds of flyers with a very wide offer of discounts and excellent shopping opportunities. As soon as you enter the site you can select the location to view all the flyers available in our area and choose from multiple categories as well as the index of signs to narrow the search to the shops or supermarkets that are of particular interest to us. 

Furthermore, the philosophy of Trovavolantini, flyers do not grow on trees , stems from the desire to help the ecosystem thanks to the use of online flyers that greatly reduce the need for paper flyers, helping to protect the environment.

Easy flyer

Here is a real tool to help you do your shopping while saving in a simple and intuitive way. On the VolantinoFacile portal you can consult flyers distributed by furniture, electronics, discount, hypermarkets and supermarkets by selecting the category and location at the top of the main page, to view only the flyers that may interest you.

n addition to the selection of flyers, there are pages of Compare Prices, Offers and Discounts and Discount Coupons for a complete experience of maximum savings .

And if you want to consult the VolantinoFacile website also from your smartphone or tablet, wherever you are, you can download the app available on the App Store and Google Play for free. 


On tk maxx discount code you can directly view the flyers of the most popular supermarkets and shops or choose by selecting the category of your interest, such as Hypermarkets and Supermarkets, Perfumery and Beauty, Gardening and DIY and others.

Particularly interesting is the possibility of viewing the most convenient offers according to the type of product. For example, by clicking on the Chocolate product, the promotions offered by the various supermarkets for all chocolate-based items are indicated with relative validity of application. 


PromoQui is a search engine that helps you find the best offers starting from the search for a product, promo code on shop or a brand. In fact, you will be able to view flyers with the most convenient commercial offers and receive information on the location of the store where you can complete your purchase.

In addition to the categories dedicated to shops and supermarkets, it is interesting to note the presence of particular categories such as that of Motors, Travel and Telephony.

Flyers of the main supermarkets

If you are interested in the offers and promotions of supermarkets in your area, you can view the flyers offered on the websites of the related shops, to evaluate where it is convenient to shop in that particular week or where your favorite products are offered at particularly affordable prices. Below we indicate the links to consult the flyers of the most popular supermarkets:

  • Lidl , where you can find weekly offers of food and non-food products, including the Travel category and special flyers on various selected topics
  • Esselunga , which offers various flyers for each category, such as Voglia di Casa or the Great Brands selection
  • Bennet , where you can view the digital flyers valid for your area and divided into categories that may vary from time to time, such as Low Prices, Under Cost or Desire for Green.
  • Conad , which allows you to view the digital flyer of the store closest to your home
  • Carrefour , which offers digital flyers available by area and divided between Carrefour Iper, Market, Express and Spesa Online
  • Eurospin , where you can consult all the promotions in place in the stores in your area
  • Penny Market , which indicates flyers specifying validity and different application areas, as well as making flyers available for newly opened stores

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