Must-watch movies to see on World Environment Day 2020


In the midst of the Coronavirus alarm, the whole world is observing World Environment Day on Friday. The day is commended each year on June 5 since 1974. With a plan to spread mindfulness about the difficulties and the requirement for condition protection, the United Nations is continually attempting to accomplish the objective. The topic for World Environment Day 2020 is biodiversity, which is really the need of great importance. “The rise of COVID-19 has underscored the way that, when we obliterate biodiversity, we demolish the framework that underpins human life. By upsetting the sensitive equalization of nature, we have made perfect conditions for pathogens – including coronaviruses – to spread,” says the World Environment Day site.

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Here we’ve curated a rundown of motion pictures/narratives that will take you to an ecological visit.

Pursuing Coral

Pursuing Coral delineates the blanching and demise of coral reefs, particularly during the temperature spike. In this film, one can perceive how the Earth’s most noteworthy biodiversity happens. The film finishes on an energetic note, declaring the chance of reestablishing coral life through changes in human conduct.

An Inconvenient Truth

This narrative gives crowds an incredible exercise on ecological issues and concerns. Chief Davis Guggenheim shows how a dangerous atmospheric devation has upset the world. The film has additionally won the Academy Award for Best Documentary.

Shores of Silence

An Indian film, Shores of Silence is a milestone film by Mike Pandey. The film records the mass butcher of the greatest fish on earth – The Whale Shark. Through this film, just because, Whale Sharks were recorded in Indian waters. Because of the film, the Indian government restricted the angling of whale sharks and pronounced them imperiled species.

Plastic Ocean

Helmed by Australian columnist Craig Leeson, the film jumps into and researches the overwhelming effects that plastic has caused to our condition, particularly our marine life.


Coordinated by James Cameron, Avatar is without a doubt the most extraordinary bit of ecological support ever on the big screen, and it puts over the message – Nature will consistently win – convincingly. One can without much of a stretch relate it with the present circumstance when everybody is managing the pandemic.


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