What is the selection procedure for the Air Force who had applied for both Group X and Y?


The Indian Air Force conducts a national level test twice a year to select fresh applicants for the positions of Airmen Group X and Group Y. Candidates interested in serving the country and applying for the position of Airmen Group X & Y should review the Indian Air Force Airmen Group X & Group Y exam’s complete selection method.

The Indian Air Force conducts the selection process for the Indian Air Force  examination (IAF). The IAF Group X & Y selection procedure will include three rounds: a written exam, a physical fitness test, and a medical exam. Candidates must present and pass all selection rounds to be considered for a position in Group X or Group Y.

The Indian Air Force will assess individuals in all areas to determine their suitability for the Airmen Group X and Y positions. Candidates must pass the Indian Air Force’s qualifying examinations. The selection of Airmen Groups X and Y will be solely based on merit, as well as the applicants’ performance in prior selection phases.

IAF Airmen Group X & Y Selection Process

The following three processes will be used to select Airmen Group X and Y personnel in the Indian Air Force (IAF):

Stage 1: Written Test

Stage 2: Physical Fitness Test

Stage 3: Medical Test

Stage 4: Merit List

Written Exam for Air Force Groups X and Y in 

Candidates should make sure that they fulfill the IAF Group X Y eligibility criteria. The test format for the Indian Air Force Groups X and Y is online. The test pattern for IAF Groups X and Y is as follows:

Group XPhysics – 25 Marks English – 20 Marks Mathematics – 25 Marks60 Minutes
Group YReasoning and General Awareness – 30 Marks English – 20 Marks45 Minutes
Group X & YPhysics – 25 Marks English – 20 Marks Mathematics – 25 Marks Reasoning and General Awareness – 30 Marks85 Minutes

Except for the English paper, the exam will be conducted in a bilingual language (English and Hindi). The paper is for students in grades 10+2. In addition to an overall cutoff, each topic will have a sectional cutoff.

Airforce Group X & Y : Physical Fitness Test (PFT)

Physical fitness is required for the Indian Air Force, hence passing the PFT is a must. The following is a list of the fitness tests that will be performed:

  • 1.6 km run in 6 min 30 sec
  • 10 Push-ups
  • 20 Squats
  • 10 Sit-ups

Adaptability Test-1:

Candidates that pass the Physical Fitness Exam (PFT) will go on to the adaptation test, with the SRT being the first test (Situation Reaction Test). A candidate’s decision-making and response/reaction are evaluated here. There are 45 SRTs in total, each with a time limit of 30 minutes. This exam evaluates an applicant’s attitude in relation to the attributes established by the defense forces in order to pick a candidate in the correct frame of mind.

Adaptability Test-2:

Selected applicants attend for Group Discussion after passing the Adaptability Test 1. This consists of 10-15 candidates sitting in a group and discussing their opinions on a similar subject. The subjects are current events and societal happenings. This exam assesses a person’s knowledge and communication abilities. Interpersonal abilities, such as the capacity to persuade others, are also evaluated.

Following the completion of all stages, those applicants who have been shortlisted are handed Test Series with dates and locations for medical tests.

Airforce Group X & Y : Medical Test

After passing Adaptability Test 2, applicants go through a medical test to be evaluated and passed medically.

You can take the IAF Group X Y mock test on BYJU’s Exam Prep to prepare for the examination.

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