What is Involved in Landscape Maintenance?


While many homeowners love professional landscaping services, most are not entirely clear on what exactly it entails. For example, a homeowner who wants to beautify his front lawn may do an internet search for landscapers Elliot City MD without really understanding the technical aspects of landscape maintenance.

It’s important to understand the services offered by these professionals. This article will break down some of the services they offer, which include:

1)General Bed Detailing or Maintenance

This is perhaps most people’s idea of landscaping. It involves cutting off leaves and tree branches that may show discoloration like brown, removing dead plants and debris, weeding, and ground cover trimming. Weeding is essential, especially on your front lawn. You don’t want stray plants like Ground Ivy or Chickenwood messing up the pristine appearance of your lawn. General bed detailing is crucial if you want to maintain your curb appeal year-round.

2) Autumn Cleanup

Think of autumn cleanup as the process of deep-cleaning a house. While it’s usually thorough, it’s only done a few times a year. This is similar to autumn cleanup, which includes edging and bed maintenance. Edging, the process of creating a physical divide in the lawn may seem trivial even though it helps to give more contrast to plants and other outdoor features.

3) Pruning or Hedging

Pruning is the act of cutting away overgrown stems, branches, bark, or dead plant parts. The idea is to get rid of such relics to grow and bear more fruitful. It’s crucial to conduct pruning at the right time of year to ensure that your plants and shrubbery are in the best possible health. Expert landscaping maintenance services can help you do this. As professionals, they’ll know about the best time of year for pruning specific kinds of plants. When plants are pruned by shaping them into specific geometric shapes, this is known as hedging. Both hedging and pruning are crucial parts of landscape maintenance.

4) Lawn Protection and Feeding

Several elements can affect your lawn’s appearance. Fungal issues like necrotic ring spot, brown-patch, Red Thread, and pests like lichens and liverworts are all enemies of your lawn. They can do significant damage, making your lawn lose its lush appearance. Landscape maintenance can help to deal with these problems. This involves using lawn chemicals to fend off these pests and conditions. These chemicals have a specific way of application to ensure effectiveness. On average, this involves about 5 to 7 steps. Of course, this regime can be changed during wet seasons of the year for better results.

5) Lawn Mowing

This archetypal landscaping activity involves cutting the grass to achieve neatness. Almost all professional landscaping services offer lawn mowing as part of their packages. Of course, you have to check with any landscaping company before hiring their services to ensure that lawn mowing is included.

6) Leaf Removal 

Leaf removal is vital for maintaining neatness. This is especially crucial during the fall, when many trees shed their leaves, creating huge mounds for them. Otherwise, leaf removal can be done twice or three times a year.

7) Mulching

Mulching applies materials like dead leaves, hummus, and other plant debris to enhance soil fertility. These materials help retain moisture in the soil root insulations and reduce the instances of weed growth. As part of landscaping maintenance, mulching can be done once or twice a year.

8) Irrigation System Management

Modern irrigation systems are usually automated to ensure minimal supervision. However, it may become necessary to carry out maintenance checks during some seasons. This is true during winter, when the water in the sprinkler system tends to freeze, causing damage to it. Repairing a damaged sprinkler system is often more expensive than regular maintenance. Most landscapers offer this service as part of their landscaping maintenance services.

Know When You’ll Receive Different Services

Before signing up for any regular landscaping services, it’s good to know the scope of the work to be done. Do some research and know about your landscaping issues. That way, when you call in professional landscapers, you have a good idea of what needs to be done and how often you should do it.

Understand the different service packages offered and whether or not you’ll need a premium one. That way, you don’t end up paying for services you may not require.


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