Let’s See How to Treat Vertigo Through Physiotherapy in West Edmonton


Hey! are you experiencing irregular dizziness daily? If yes, then visiting a physiotherapy clinic should probably be the first thing to be scheduled. If you live in West Edmonton and think of going for physiotherapy, it would not be tough to find a well-reputed clinic.

Numerous individuals are under the impression that physiotherapy does not have any connection with dizziness, which is simply not true. Several physio activities have been shown to be beneficial in assisting those who are suffering from this condition.

Basically, it’s a disease called vertigo, and the way it affects a person is that he starts experiencing irregular dizziness. Hence, it indicates that it has a strong connection with the brain. So, it gives you no chance to delay the treatment so that you can get healthy and restart your healthy living routine.

Vertigo’s Symptoms and Signs:

If an individual is suffering from vertigo, he must be experiencing the following symptoms:

• Walking with a shaky foundation

• Imbalance

• Difficulty focusing one’s attention

• Increased feelings of tiredness

• Nausea

• Blurred eyesight is a problem.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, it is time to look for a physiotherapist near you. For this purpose, you can ask your friends and family to recommend if they know one.

Technical Treatment of Vertigo:

Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy is the most frequent type of treatment for vertigo that any physiotherapist in West Edmonton would give. It is divided into three categories, which are as follows:

• Habituation

• Stabilization of the gaze

• Balance and coordination drills

Exercises to Develop a Habit:

For people who are suffering from a damaged vestibular system, it is advised that they need to perform habituation exercises. When these individuals are watching television or driving, they experience dizziness. Still, due to these activities, the patients will notice a decrease in the intensity of dizziness in the upcoming days.

The first objective can be achieved by making these episodes of dizziness shorter so that the brain becomes accustomed to the stimulation and develops a tolerance for dizziness.

Stabilization of the Gaze:

It is appropriate for people who have difficulty controlling their eyes’ movement. It works by letting them move their head to undergo gaze stabilization therapy. In addition, due to having difficulty concentrating, kids may also suffer from frequent headaches.

With the aid of various gaze stabilization exercises, your expert physio may assist you in getting rid of this issue. Patients are instructed to focus on a stationary item in front of them while moving their heads sideways. This is the most common type of exercise. It assists them in distinguishing between the movements of the head and the movement of the eyes.

The alternative method of treating dizziness is to instruct the patient to maintain a fixed position with their head while an item is moved next to them. Both approaches have shown excellent success in the treatment of individuals who are experiencing dizziness.

Exercises for Stabilization

The balance exercises differ from one situation to the next. The amount of workout intensity is determined by the trigger that sets off the problem. People who have difficulty maintaining their balance when walking or standing, to mention a few, might benefit from this therapy. Most of the exercises advised by a therapy session of a physiotherapy clinic in West Edmonton are strenuous at first, but they will get easier with practice.

If you want to see good outcomes from this treatment, you must be committed and determined to do so. If you are experiencing dizziness, call Regenerate Physio. It is one of the best physiotherapy clinics in West Edmonton, and learn how their treatment plans can help you improve your overall health.

Final Thoughts

If you are experiencing frequent dizziness, you should make an appointment with a physiotherapist as soon as possible. With the proper therapy course, you will be able to get permanently rid of this problem.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can vertigo be caused by stress?

Before you do anything, you should determine whether vertigo is the cause of your dizziness or something else. Once you find the root of your disease, then go for its reasons.

Stress does cause it but indirectly by dysfunction the inner ear part that maintains the balance. In short, it affects your vestibular system. There is good news that this illness is generally acute and readily treated with physiotherapy in this case.

 The followings are some of the most prevalent causes of dizziness, including:

• The inner ear balancing structure is compromised

• Infections or inflammation caused by viruses

• Antibiotics have been used recently.

• Injuries that have occurred in the past

• Anxiety and tension

• Adverse reactions to the medication

Does Epley Maneuver really work?

Unless the symptoms are minimal, beginning the Epley Maneuver would be the best line of action. You must see a doctor in order to determine the source of the problem you are experiencing. This type of therapy is only appropriate when the condition impacts certain canals of the vestibular system.

What is the importance of positioning in physiotherapy?

 A physiotherapist will do a comprehensive evaluation of the patient’s condition and devise a plan for appropriate exercises to be performed. Precaution should be used when performing any exercise because doing so incorrectly might make the issue worse rather than better.


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