Winter’s Best-Kept Secret: Experience Cosy Luxury with Radiant Floor Heating


Many people appreciate the comfort and ease of heated floors. The term heated floors refer to a system of resistance wires that when electricity is passed through causes warmth. As heat radiates upwards, the room is thus warmed uniformly from the floor up. Since radiant floor heating doesn’t require the installation of large, unsightly radiators, it is a space-saving method of heating a room.

Any room in your house, whether it is bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, lounges, or even basements, is among the most popular places to install radiant floor heating.

Types of Radiant Floor Heating

You can heat your floor to a more pleasant and precise temperature with a radiant floor heating system. There are two types of radiant floor heating, namely electric and hydronic. However, the prevailing popular method of choice today is electric floor heating due to its simplicity and safety.

In an electric radiant floor heating system, the heating wires are laid in a winding pattern across the subfloor, thus providing uniform heat to the floor covering of your choice. The heating elements are covered by thin set or self-levelling cement as this promotes even heat distribution.

When it comes to radiant floor heating, both approaches work well. What sets them apart is how they are installed, how much they cost, and how long it takes to heat the floor.

Advantages of Electric radiant floor heating

  • Uniform heating

Floor heating systems’ ability to heat a space and floor evenly is their major asset. Forced-air heaters distribute warm air via vents. Which rooms are warmer depends on vent placement. In contrast, under-floor radiant heating heats the entire floor, resulting in an equally heated space and body temperature. This means you won’t feel chilly drafts at lower temperatures, making you more comfortable.

  • No maintenance

Radiant floor heating systems do not require any maintenance. Once they are installed, they will last for 20+ years.

  • No noise

Noise is not an issue with radiant floor heating, there are no moving parts or fan noises.

  • Non-allergenic

Radiant floor heating does not move air around, meaning there is no circulation of dust or other allergens in the room.

  • Energy efficient

One of the most energy-efficient home heating methods is radiant floor heating. They save 20–25% more energy than forced-air heating systems. Since the space is equally heated, there is no need to overheat to compensate for chilly places.

  • Easy to install

Electric floor-heating systems are so easy to install that a handy DIY person can even do it.

LuxHeat’s radiant floor heating system is a popular choice among many flooring and electrical contractors today. You can enjoy still more savings when installing one of LuxHeat’s smart programmable thermostats.

For all your radiant floor heating requirements, contact ProLux Materials today. They are a US family-owned business with facilities in Tennessee and Kentucky, and you can be assured of the best customer service. 


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