What are the 3 Main Methods of Non-Surgical Fat Reduction?


Stubborn fat that lives in significant portions of the body is way annoying in everyday life. An increase in fat lumps in your body is due to early negligence. When it begins to appear, it is too late, or you behave too indecisive.

Later it is realised that these lumps are unreasonably ugly. Increment in fats in the body tends to get hyperactive in spreading their territory in portions where they can reside.

As much as they are hated, treating them isn’t very pleasant. First of all, it requires a considerable period to eliminate them. 

However, there is good news! In recent times industrial assets have been upgrading innovations, and now dermatology is home to revolution. This modernisation Includes suggestible equipment for recognisable non surgical fat reduction treatments.

Is Non-Invasive Fat Reduction Good for You?

Non-surgical treatments for fat reductions commonly attract debates about their appropriacy. But it is believed to be most authentic by most practitioners, and it revolves around a significant feature known as ‘ease of access. 

This feature highlights comforting access to one’s fitness goals. Non-surgical approaches for fat reduction highly encourage one’s safety and comfort during the process compared to surgical treatments.

It is suitable for most people as it doesn’t require prior vitals or stability of health conditions as surgeries do.

But there is one thing to be noted, certain types of non-surgical fat reduction methods might require basic safety vitals, such as ‘LIPOcel’ and ‘Radio Frequency Melting’.

What are the 3 Main Methods of Non-Surgical Fat Reduction?

There are some basic methods to assist your fitness goals. Your practitioner might have to decide on a suitable method for you, but sometimes it depends on your objectives and current health condition. The three basic types are mentioned below:

  1. Fat Freezing

Fat freezing is also known as ‘CoolSculpting’. This method uniquely kills fat by using a device that throws a freezing temperature. This temperature is supposed to destroy the fat. 

Credible manufacturers have installed a suction body in this device that works to pull a part of the skin and freeze it. 

2. Radio Frequency Melting

It is also known as ‘RF’, the terminology might sound harsh, but it is FDA-approved. This method works opposite to the one mentioned above. This method utilises radio frequencies to scan body parts with a laser and melt fat cells with heat.

This device is usually used on flat surfaces of the body parts as the device has an even applier. 

3. LIPOcel

Lipocel is known as a recent upgrade in non-surgical fat reduction equipment. It comes under the ultrasound process and serves to eliminate fat cells permanently. The process is believed to be effective as it simultaneously destroys fat and tightens the skin.

While other methods replace fat cells in specific portions of the body, and it takes time for them to exit the body. 

Non-invasive fat reduction is a rising star in dermatology due to its efficiency and quality of patient service. Unlike traditional methods, this approach disregards uncomfortable recovery precautions and longevity of effects.

It is believed to be more accurate and less harmful, as the devices used are highly qualified and approved by relevant authorities. 

Concerned patients show scepticism about the skin damage caused by ‘Fat Freezing’ and ‘RF Fat Melting’. But little is it realised that neither of them harms the skin.


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