With the appropriate rainfall showerhead in your bathroom, you may have a lovely and peaceful shower.

If you’ve ever had a rain shower at a spa, you undoubtedly want to recreate that soothing, tranquil experience at home so you can pretend you’re there every day. You can surely accomplish this because of the huge selection of rainfall shower heads currently available on the market.However, if you want to achieve the finest outcomes, it’s crucial to make a wise choice when selecting your rain shower head. Here are the top 5 things to think about.

Is the design of your bathroom sophisticated enough?

You should first think about the layout of your present bathroom. Does it have the sophistication to accommodate a rainfall shower head? Let’s face it, installing a rain shower head in a bathroom that hasn’t been renovated in a long time won’t look good. To ensure that your bathroom complements the spa-like ambiance you’re wanting to generate with your rain shower head, you might want to think about renovating the entire space. To assist you in doing this, Mission West Kitchen & Bath provides a variety of options, such as stunning modern plumbing fixtures, personalised bathroom vanity cabinets, and high-quality bathroom worktops.

Ceiling or Wall Mount??

Rainfall showerheads were all first ceiling-mounted. However, wall-mounted solutions are becoming more and more common because installing plumbing through the bathroom ceiling may be a major undertaking. Because the shower arm of these showerheads arches out over and above your head to direct the showerhead straight down, they may attach exactly where your old showerhead did and still provide the overhead rain shower sensation. You should pick carefully because wall and ceiling mounts obviously have quite distinct aesthetics and often cost various amounts.

Selecting a shape

The two most common shapes for rainfall showerheads are square shower head and circular. Usually, the decision is based on how your bathroom is decorated overall. Modern bathrooms with a lot of angular fixtures, such as a square bathtub, often go well with square heads.

Selecting a Size

Sizes range from 6 inches across to 10 inches or more for rain shower heads. A bigger size with more nozzles will ostensibly give a wider area of “rain” for your shower, but if you already have low water pressure, it will just exacerbate the issue. More pressure will be present with smaller showerheads with fewer nozzles.

Selecting a Finish

You may also have the opportunity to select the finish once you’ve decided on the kind, size, and shape of rainfall showerhead you desire. Numerous finishes, including various metal tones, brushed, polished, oiled, or rubbed finishes, etc., may be available, depending on the manufacturer. Don’t worry about perfectly matching the other bathroom plumbing fixtures; nowadays, mixing and matching is usual as long as the finishes look well together.

Some best shower heads:

Best showerhead overall: From Amazon: Kohler Flipside, $59.29.The Kohler Flipside features a distinctive spinning head that allows it to switch between its many flow streams while producing an outstanding 1.81 GPM flow rate.

Best high-pressure showerhead: Amazon has the Hopopro High-Pressure Showerhead for $16.05The Hopopro High-Pressure Showerhead with its 1.81 GPM flow rate is a fantastic value due to its inexpensive cost and excellent array of spray settings.

Best rainfall showerhead: $232.84 for the Moen S6320 Velocity Two-Function Rainwater shower head on AmazonThe Moen S6320 Velocity Two-Function Rainshower’s premium price is justified by its opulent appearance, durable metal construction, and large coverage area.. 


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