Customer Contact Week and Its Purpose


What is customer contact week?

Previously known as call centre week, customer week is one of the most important conferences and expos for people working in the fields of customer experience, contact centres, and customer service. The New Era of Customer Insights & Analytics (NECI) program at customer week reveals how to utilise emerging technologies and strategies in order to raise the bar in the way we gather, interpret, and deliver better customer experiences to our customers by leveraging the next generation of customer data.

Customer week, which was first held in 1999 as call centre week, is the world’s most extensive series of customer contact events that take place every year. It is the place where leaders in customer care, contact centre operations, and customer experience come together for a balance of conference and expo sessions.

In honour of customer contact week, the customer management practice has organised a collection of events for you to enjoy as they continue their series of customer contact events.

Through extensive market research, reporting, and unmatched events, this event has become the premier industry event that helps professionals navigate the ever-changing world of customer management by keeping professionals up-to-date on the latest industry drivers, trends, and evolving initiatives.

A global online community and research hub of over 140,000 customer contact members, customer contact week is organised every year by the International Quality and Productivity Centre (IQPC – International Quality and Productivity Centre).

As part of IQPC, attendees experience enhanced learning and networking experience beyond the traditional event experience.

What is the purpose of customer contact week?

Customer experience and the world of customer contact have never evolved at a faster rate than it has right now when it comes to customer contact and customer experience – from the shift from traditional channels to digital to automation, AI, and data analytics that promise to revolutionise the industry. The importance of focusing on people, processes, and technology has never been more important than it is today, as we stand in the middle of a vortex of change.

As the most significant customer contact conference in the world, customer week gives customer service professionals the opportunity to discover the pace of change, explore the emerging technologies slated to disrupt their industry in the years to come, create future-proof strategies, create valuable relationships with industry peers, and enhance their skills to improve customer service.

Listed below are some of the points that elaborate on the purpose of the customer week:

  • Get an insight into how customer contact leaders are driving customer experience scalability through strategic, operational planning.
  • Engage customers and provide them with personalised service through an omnichannel platform.
  • Improve customer satisfaction by automating the sentiment analysis process and thereby improving the quality of service.
  • Enhance the scale of self-service and chatbots by using AI and machine learning.
  • Optimise workforce management through the implementation of intelligent automation strategies.
  • Using journey mapping and customer feedback programs, you can create a perfect customer experience for your customers.
  • Identify your contact centre’s performance against that of the best in the industry by benchmarking it with them.

There is no doubt that customer week is one of the largest and most important events for customer contact professionals every year. This event brings together everyone in the industry under one roof to drive innovation and foster knowledge exchange among professionals. Customer week is the largest event of its kind, and it’s a celebration like you’ve never seen before!

Make sure you don’t miss the most important customer contact event of the decade. In addition to providing interactive discussions, actionable case studies, unparalleled networking, inspiring keynotes, and a celebration that is second to none, customer week is the ideal place where customer experience leaders can gather from all over the world.


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