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The right type of bed and mattress is required to ensure a good night’s sleep. That’s why you should always look into a mattress buying guide before purchasing one. But this is not the only purpose of the bed. With the change in lifestyle and advancement of research, storage beds have become popular as they serve dual purposes. They serve the primary purpose of lying down, relaxing, and storing items under the mattress.

Such beds give a person dual benefits and add a stylish look to a room. 

Advantages of storage beds

Stores seasonal clothes

It provides the perfect space to store seasonal clothes. Many people do not find a place to store their regular clothing in their homes as they store oversized sweaters and jackets that occupy a lot of space. Moreover, they are only used occasionally. Hence, they can be stored in such beds and taken out when required.

An excellent way to store pillows and blankets

It is also great for storing pillows, blankets, and carpets. It protects them from dust and provides a neat look to the room. The room does not look cluttered when this is done. Since one does not require all the blankets and pillows at once, it makes sense that they can be stored and kept inside the storage. It is also easily accessible.

Eliminates the need to buy additional closets

Wardrobes and closets cost a lot of money and require a lot of space. Storage beds are a great way to add cupboards as they do not need extra space. They also cost less than the wooden cupboards and closets. Modern beds can be customized as per the requirement of the customer. The storage part’s height, width, and material can be specifically designed to store particular items.

Types of beds

i) Ottoman beds- These beds are embedded with a hydraulic mechanism that allows the user to lift the base to access the storage part of the bed. These beds are pretty spacious and allow many items to be stored. They can be easily opened and accessed. They do not contain any partitions or drawers and hence provide more space. If a person is struggling with limited space in their room, these beds should be their first choice. 

ii) Divan beds- They are stylish and deliver a luxurious look compared to ottoman beds. They are layered with fabric to prepare the bed frame. There are several drawers both below the mattress and near the headspace. One does not need to lift the mattress again and again to store and access things. The headspace drawers can be used to place phones, laptops, coffee mugs, pens, spectacles, and whatnot. These beds provide a luxurious look to the room. The only disadvantage is that they weigh a lot. Hence, transporting and moving them from place to place is difficult. 

iii) Beds with drawers- Many bachelors, families, and even hostels are seen using such beds. This is because they have drawers on both sides of the bed. It has many drawers, so it is suitable for storing different items like footwear, night suits, and even documents. The drawers come with a lock that provides security to important items stored. It becomes an essential part of one’s daily life as many personal things are stored. 

iv) Headboard beds- Some beds are designed for people who do not want heavy beds but prefer storage. Headboard beds are the best-recommended type of storage beds for such people. It helps people to store minimal essential stuff near their heads while sleeping. Such kinds of beds generally do not have storage below the mattress. Thus, these beds can be easily shifted from place to place as they are light in weight. 


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