Timeline Of Water Damage – Why You Should Act Right Away


Our home is a place that we make with many dreams. But sometimes, if we don’t take care of some things, it will get destroyed. Water damage is one reason which can destroy our home, but quick action will help you minimize the damage.

What Do You Mean By Water Damage?

Water damage is the major problem created by water. However, water damage is the reason for damage to your property. Wood routing, growth of bacteria and mold, steel rushing, delamination of materials like plywood or wood, or swelling composite woods can damage your house or office.

So, do you know why our life saver water becomes a monster for you? Let’s find out.

Possible Reasons For Water Damage

As you know, water damage is something that can destroy your home. There are a lot of objective for water damage:

  • Heavy rain is a cause of water damage. It can damage your walls, ceiling, and roof.
  • Damaged pipes are the cause of water damage. It can damage your floor.
  • Natural disasters like a hailstorm or hurricane can damage your house too much.
  • Clogged drains will damage your bathroom’s floor.
  • Sump Pump problems are also the cause of water damage.
  • Breaking of washing machine pipe
  • Leakage of the dishwasher.

Needless to say that water damage can destroy your house in just a few moments. So speedy restoration service of water damage becomes more essential. To get detailed insights into why there is a need to take quick action against water damage, scroll down.

Why Do You Need Quick Action Against Water Damage?

  1. Damage Occurs Within A Minute:

Water damage is spreading very quickly, and it is very destructive. When water damage caused by breaking washing machine pipe or heavy rain, its impact starts within a minute:

  • Water is emitting all over the floor.
  • The water started wetting the carpets, the walls, and furniture.
  • If there are papers or books, porous materials or photographs on the floor, water also destroys those things in a minute.
  • Water can destroy your electric gadgets.
  • The wooden furniture gets saturated with excess moisture.
  • The strain in the carpet is the cause of water damage, which you can not remove.
  • This damage actually finishes your house’s upholstered furniture.
  • Damage Occurs Within An Hour:

Maybe you are the house owner, and you are going for work, and there is a pipe break, heavy rain, or a leakage in the dishwasher, then water starts damaging your valuables.

  • Leakage of the dishwasher can affect your kitchen’s decorations. Drywalls of your kitchen become puffer and can break down. It destroys all of your kitchen’s furniture and cabinets and the flooring of your beautiful kitchen.
  • Damp and musty odor occurs for waterlogging.
  • In an hour, water will spread throughout your house, and all your furniture will soak it.
  • Your wooden furniture like the dining table, wardrobe, and chair’s legs will absorb the water. And the result is that it turns white, and moisture will spread everywhere.
  • It leaves permanent stains in your carpets, furniture, and cartons.
  • Damage Occurs Within A Day:

Maybe you are going for a one-day trip, and there is rain or leakage in your pipe. If waterlogging is there in your house for a day, then it is too harmful. However, for recovery, you have to pay a huge amount.

  • It increases the filthy odors from your furniture.
  • The musky odors from your kitchen become more specific.
  • Your home’s swelled drywalls begin to break down.
  • The books, photographs will definitely get destroyed.
  • The wooden furniture became more swollen, and it started getting damaged gradually.
  • Unprotected metal objects become blemish.
  • The protected and laminated metallic furniture becomes split, and a crack occurs.
  • Textile dyes and ink begin to sip, and you may find stains all over.
  • Damage Occurs Within A Week:

Maybe you are going for a weekly vacation, and then your house’s pipe breaks down, or there is a clogged drain and heavy rain. So, water gets into your house, and it will highly affect your valuables and interiors.

  • The mold growth will highly damage it. Also, it’s visible on the surface and walls.
  • The doors and windows absorb too much water, and you have to face problems opening them as the wood expands.
  • Maybe because of waterlogging, many insects and harmful bacteria spread in your house, indicating a lot of health risks.
  • There begins to rust on the unprotected metal furniture.
  • The wooden furniture becomes warped and bent.
  • The paints become vesicles.
  • Short-circuit in your electrical gadgets like the fridge.
  • Your house’s wood flooring swells, warps, or buckles.
  • All things become damped, and the filthy odor spreads all over the house.
  • How Much Destruction Takes Place In More Than One Week?

If a heavy flood occurred during your vacation, and it lasts over one week, then your vacation may go well, but the condition of your house becomes horrible.

  • It will affect all your furniture and even break it.
  • Your house becomes weaker, and the restoration cost thoroughly increases.
  • Also, your house becomes a haunt of dangerous insects. A lot of harmful bacteria and allergens spread too.
  • It cracks your walls and destroys your wall painting.
  • The floor of your house becomes damp, and it damages the carpets.

This is why you need to avoid water damage quickly by calling a water damage restoration specialist in San Clemente. Before he arrives you should consider the following.

How Will You Avoid Water Damage?

It goes without saying that water damage is like a disaster for your home. Also, it can finish your dream house. If you follow some tips, you can avoid water damage a lot. Let’s have a look at it.

  • Disconnect your hoses from the faucet.
  • Make sure that your gutters and downspouts are clean.
  • Always try gardening and maintaining vegetation around your house.
  • Get knowledge about how to stop water if a pipe leaks.
  • Regular plumbing inspection to know whether any pipeline is leaking or not.
  • Install water leak detection devices.
  • Take care of your water bills.

So, always take action right away that will help you to protect your property. If there is water logging and you want water damage restoration in San Clemente, click here to know the top Water Damage restoration companies in San Clemente.


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