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Website Promotion

Website promotion is a synonym for the term “website promotion”, used mainly in colloquial speech for search engines optimizers.


Relevance (from English relevant – significant, relevant) – the degree to which the found document matches the request of the users of the UK search engines.


Resource is a collection of web pages made in the same design and united by meaning. The same as “site”.


Runet – Russian Internet. This term refers to many sites for which the Russian language is the main or one of the main ones. In other words, these are all sites located in the “.ru” domain zone.


A site (from the English site – a place, location) is a place on the Internet, which is determined by its unique address (URL), has its owner and consists of web pages perceived as a whole.

Semantic Core

The semantic core is a list of words and phrases that reflect the topic of the site, and by which it is being promoted (or will be promoted). The semantic core is formed on the basis of the analysis of search queries, according to which potential customers are looking for offered goods and services in search engines.


A script (from the English “script” – a script) is a small program created in a special scripting language or in the user’s browser and containing a set of instructions for some applications.

Thematic Citation Index

Thematic citation index (TIC) is a quantitative indicator used by the Yandex search engine and reflecting the authority of the site in relation to thematically related resources.


Traffic (from the English traffic – traffic flow) – in the slang of search engine optimizers, this is the name of the number of Internet users who visited a particular website in a finite period of time, usually a day.

Unique Visitor

A unique visitor is an Internet user who has visited the site for the first time in a certain period of time (day, hour, etc.) from a specific computer, through a specific browser.


Forum is a thematic conference organized via the Internet.

Target audience

Target audience is a group of Internet users, distinguished on any basis, which is interested in certain information, and to which advertising activities are directed. Most of the persons related to the target audience are potential buyers of the advertised product or service.

Citation rate

Citation rate of a site is an assessment of the authority of a site or web page, which is determined by analyzing the number and quality of incoming and outgoing links. The more sites link to a given resource and the higher their authority, the higher the citation of the site itself.


Usability (from the English usability – usability) – the ease of use of the site from the point of view of visitors. This concept includes the clarity and consistency of the site structure, the availability of information and services useful for the target audience, quick access to the necessary functions.


Yandex is the main Russian-language search engine, the leader in terms of the amount of search traffic.

Link Exchange

Link exchange – the placement of reciprocal links between sites to increase mutual traffic and the growth of TIC.


Online (On-line) – so it is customary to call everything that happens or exists on the Internet. Previously, this concept was used only in relation to communication equipment and denoted a communication mode. Now the term “online” has found widespread use in the field of software and the Internet.

Website optimization

Website optimization is a set of actions to change and improve the pages of a website in order to get high places in the search results for certain queries.

Optimization of the site structure – a set of works to improve the navigation system and change the structure of the site in order to increase the convenience of its use by visitors and the availability of pages for search engine robots.

Optimization of site texts is a set of measures to change the text content and html-code of the site pages for the correct indexing of the site by search engines and, as a result, the best display in the search results.


Offline (Off-line) – the exact opposite of the term Online (On-line). It means everything that is outside the Net.

Site Position

Site position – the ordinal number of the site in the search results of the search engine for a specific query. The first ten positions are considered the most profitable, since they are displayed on the first page of search results and the user sees them immediately.

Search Engine

A search engine is a special program that processes a query entered into a search string, finds pages corresponding to the query in the index and displays a list of found pages in descending order of relevance.

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A search engine is a special website that allows for a specific query entered in the search bar to get links to sites containing information corresponding to this query. Any search engine consists of a search robot, an index and a search engine. The most popular United Kingdom search engines today are Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Search engine – this is how the search engine is called in slang.

Search Query

Search query is a word or phrase entered by the user into the search bar of a search engine to obtain the necessary information.

Search Robot

A search robot (spider) is a special program, part of the search engine, that crawls the pages of the Internet, reads their content and enters it into the search engine base (index). The order of crawling pages, the frequency of visits is regulated by the algorithms of the search engine, which are kept secret.


Display – demonstration of an advertising message, banner or site page to the user.

A user is a specific person who enters the Internet space and uses its capabilities to perform certain tasks or functions.


Visitor – a user who has visited a particular site.

Website Promotion

Website promotion is a set of measures that help to improve the visibility of the site by search engines for profile queries for it. The purpose of website promotion is to get the leading positions of the site in the search engine results and increase the number of targeted site visitors.

Promo Page

A promo page is a web page optimized for a specific request or group of requests.


Ranking is the selection of web pages from the index and ordering them in descending order of relevance to a specific user request.


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