Here’s All You Need To Know About Directional Drilling


Do you know what directional drilling is? It is related to the oil and gas extraction process. It can sometimes prove to be more cost-efficient for extracting oil and gas deep beneath the soil in reservoirs. Well, to simply state, directional drilling means drilling at an angle. It is not vertical drilling.

We, ordinary people, believe that the oil rig has to be directly above the natural oil or gas reservoir. But this is not possible or even may not be feasible always. And this is why directional drilling can help overcome the drilling challenges.

Below, we will help you know how modern-day directional drilling is done. You will also know the linked benefits of getting this drilling procedure.

How Is Modern-Day Directional Drilling Done?

In modern times, directional drilling uses specially modified drill bits and even better drilling machines and technologies. There are sophisticated machines in place, such as sensors attached to the drill bits that enable the drillers and miners to constantly monitor and track the directional drilling process.

To talk about one more such technology, it has to be the use of hydraulic jets employed to guide the drill in a specific direction. Drill operators also make use of GPS systems to minutely track the angle of drilling. Here, advanced software such as 3d graphic models and auto-computation systems are used to create 3D models of underground oil and gas reservoirs. This results in enabling oil and gas extraction economically from multiple reservoirs by just one direction drill.

Advantages Of Going For Directional Drilling

Now that you have some basic idea of what directional drilling is and how it is carried out let’s get to know some of the advantages you enjoy with this process.

Lower Cost Of Drilling-

Directional drilling allows miners to access multiple gas and oil reservoirs through one drill. The cost of drilling has risen dramatically over the years due to the expansion in oil and gas use. This also means that the drilling companies have to pay more taxes and costs on land acquisition for each drill or bore.

Effective Drilling System-

As we said above, the basic benefit of directional drilling is that it can also access adjacent oil and gas reservoirs. You don’t have to drill so many holes through the earth.

It is a feasible and economical process for oil and gas extraction from a place where there are many adjacent oil and gas reservoirs.

Save Time On Drilling Using Advanced Technology

The modern-day drilling process using advanced technology such as special angular drill bits, hydraulic jets, and GPS systems has meant that there are further reductions in time using technology during the drilling process.

Preventing Groundwater Pollution

Groundwater pollution is one of the main risks that drilling companies want to avoid during the drilling and oil extraction process. With directional drilling, this can be stopped.

Less disruption to the residents- Directional drilling doesn’t produce huge noise pollution when the drilling activity is carried out.

Preventing damage to the ecosystem – Directional drilling prevents further damage to the ecosystem in multiple ways.


Based on the points mentioned above, you may have had a basic understanding of the benefits of directional drilling. There is no doubt that the drilling companies use advanced drilling processes rather than age-old styles of drilling.

If you seem to be concerned about the cost factor of directional drilling, you should know that it mostly varies from projects. The prices may either be based on lump sum amounts or priced according to per foot basis. Besides this, there are several other factors that determine the overall cost of directional drilling.

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