How to Choose the Best DWI Lawyer.


It is dangerous to drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol. A driver can make a mistake that costs them their license and force them to undergo lengthy legal proceedings. Hiring the best DWI attorney is crucial to help with the legal process. However, it is not easy to find a dependable and trustworthy lawyer. To avoid conviction, hire an attorney from Trey Porter Law to deal with the issue. When looking for a legal professional, what should you look out for?

What are the qualities of a good DWI lawyer?

  1. Experience.

For a DWI attorney to handle your case successfully, they should have extensive experience tackling similar cases. It gives you confidence that the attorney knows the potential penalties you might be facing. They will create the best possible defense for your case. 

  1. Affordable rates.

The rates of services provided vary depending on the attorney. The charges depend on:

  • The complexity of the case.
  • Experience working on similar cases.

A good legal representative should comprehensively explain their rates. Find the most comfortable rate for you by comparing the charges of several attorneys. 

  1. Good reputation.

The reputation of a good attorney should be positive in both the community and legal field. Read online reviews to know what people are saying about the attorney’s knowledge and work in the legal field. If the client comments positively, you will most likely have a good experience working with the attorney. It is also a good idea to ask other lawyers for references. 

  1. Confidentiality.

A good lawyer should never betray your trust, no matter what you tell them. You should be able to open up to your lawyer about anything. A professional lawyer takes an oath to keep all information confidential. Confidentiality is essential to win a case. 

  1. Good communication skills.

The DWI attorney should be able to argue your case in front of the court. They should be able to explain complex legal issues in simple language for you to understand your options and rights. Your side of the story should be stated clearly for everyone in court to understand. When searching for a prospective lawyer, be keen on their communication skills. Your attorney should be ready to communicate with you whenever you reach out, and quickly respond to your questions. 

  1. Qualifications.

Find a lawyer who focuses exclusively on DWI legal issues. The different legal cases have varying procedures. Therefore, the right lawyer should be familiar with the rules of your case. They should know the judge and the prosecutor handling your case. 

  1. Commitment to your case.

The best attorney will have your best interest at heart. They won’t force you to take a plea if they don’t believe it’s the best possible outcome. If your case gets challenging, a dedicated attorney will be willing to persevere. They will keep researching and find everything needed to win the case. 


A good attorney should have your best interest at heart. Hiring the right attorney is critical to achieving the best outcome in your trial. To find the best attorney, consider certain qualities like experience, affordable rates, good reputation, confidentiality, excellent communication skills, qualifications, and commitment to your case. 


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