How to Choose the Best Public Intoxication Lawyer


Most people ignore the importance of a public intoxication lawyer until they are hit with a charge. The lawyer hiring process significantly depends on the type of legal matter and situation you need help, but you can easily reach one by asking for references or checking online. 

Below we discuss how to choose the best public intoxication lawyer in 2023. 

Ask for Recommendations 

The best way to find a renowned public intoxication lawyer is by asking for recommendations from friends and family. Recommendations are crucial, as you will evaluate how well the lawyers handled the case and their success rate. 

Besides asking for recommendations, accused people should research the various lawyers on their list online. Most lawyers have a website and social media pages with plenty of reviews from past clients. 

The review section is crucial in knowing what to expect from the lawyer, their rates, and services. 

Plan a Consultation 

After doing online research, the next step should be scheduling a consultation with your preferred lawyer. Most public intoxication lawyers meet their clients for a brief consultation for free, and an up-close conversation will help you to gauge them better. 

However, preparing a list of questions is advisable to ensure you touch on the essential details and make good use of the time. The main questions should be;

  • How long they have been active
  • How much you will pay
  • How much is your case worth?
  • Whether they specialize in such cases. 

It is advisable to hire an honest lawyer who answers your questions upfront and responds to your texts or calls promptly. Contact Trey Porter for more details. 

Costs and Assessment Fees 

Hiring an attorney based on cost alone is not advisable, as you should also consider other things. Remember, your attorney will bill you in any of the following ways;

Flat fee- a particular dollar amount for the entire service. The flat fee is typical and the most suitable in this case.

Hourly rate- this fee is set per hour, and the final cost is determined by the total hours worked

Retainer– this is the upfront fee. This fee is mainly used to clear expenses associated with the hearing.

Why You Need a Public Intoxication Lawyer 

A public intoxication charge is not considered a felony, but you still need the best representatives to get a lighter or reduced sentence. The main reasons you should hire these professionals include the following;

To Avoid a Jail Sentencing 

One of the worst effects of a public intoxication charge is the lengthy sentencing, especially if it has a felony. Public intoxication lawyers have handled similar cases before and will come up with the best defense for lighter sentencing. 

Secure Job Opportunities 

No employer wants an employee with a tainted name, so you should hire a public intoxication to get your name off the record.

Final Thoughts 

Public intoxication charges are becoming more popular, with over a million cases in the US alone last year. The above article has discussed how to choose the best public intoxication attorney, and more information is available online. 


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