History of Trophies and Awards


Awards ceremonies have taken over so many aspects of our lives. Currently, many people are working to ensure they get an award or a trophy. These ceremonies went from being a place where winners would be honored or recognized to an entire red-carpet affair. In the 21st century, award ceremonies are showstoppers with different trophies given to the winners. If you have never known about award ceremonies, you need to keep some things in mind. They will help you make the final choice on the award you get. This is a brief history of trophies and awards.

Trophies in the Past

The history of awards ceremonies goes back to ancient Rome. Greek troops would get stone trophies and sculptures when they won in battle. These trophies were constructed using the armor from the troops they had killed in battle. They were made to look like warriors and were dedicated to the ancient Roman gods. Getting the trophy would show strength and bravery on the battlefield.

The Olympics

Another area where trophies were issued is in the Olympics. These trophies were given to winners, as runners-up would not get any awards. The tradition of giving these awards at games is still present today, with a few changes on who receives the trophy. They are still a status symbol and have been used in more than the Olympics sports.

The Middle Ages

Stories of the Middle Ages are often so dark you would find it hard to believe that people were getting any awards or recognition. The truth is, there were some trophies at this time. The participants would be awarded different trophies as well. They were in the form of a chalice and would be given to the winners. Also, these shaped cup trophies still exist to date in events like horse riding and football. They are passed to the next team in every event.

Modern Trophies

As time has gone by, there have been changes to the trophies and awards that winners are given. While more people are moving to custom awards, many award ceremonies are improving on their awards. One of the notable things would be that some sports have still kept the shape of the awards and trophies in the past. For instance, the world cup is still the same as the cup chalices people would use in the past.

Changes Made to Trophies

Another thing you will notice is the kind of trophies made have been altered to fit the current word. For instance, you will not get the usual material used to make trophies from ancient days. So while ancient Rome used stone, this has been switched to precious metal. So you are sure that the current trophies are built to last.

There is also the fact that customization has been much easier with operations like 3D printing. You can come up with your unique design for a different event. You can make it as creative as you want and do away with the patterns and designs of the past. Trophy designs are different. Designers can express themselves and come up with unique trophies.

Another significant change is awards and trophies have gone beyond sports and entertainment and are now given to people in the workplace. Awards in the office space have helped make staff work harder since they believe their efforts are being noticed. Most people awarded become better workers, and their colleagues strive to do their best to get that recognition. Rewarding staff in the office will be around for a while because of its impact.

Trophies and awards form a considerable part of society. It helps people appreciate each other and shows who needs to be emulated in certain areas. More people are willing to put in the work because they know they will be recognized and appreciated. Aside from social status, some of the trophies and awards come with cash incentives that go the extra mile to show that hard work will be rewarded.


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