Why Teens Are at a Higher Risk of Drug Addiction


People of different ages get addicted to drugs regardless of their backgrounds and culture. Many factors influence addiction, especially in teens. The more drugs teens take, the more risk of health increases, exposing them to diseases like cancer, mental health problems, and sometimes awful early deaths. Drug addiction issues have been increasing daily, hence the rise in the number of rehabilitation centers in different states. Discussed below are some reasons teens are at higher risk of getting addicted to drugs than older people.

Family History

Most people believe that drug addiction is led by poor morals or lack of money, but the truth is that addiction happens when chemical reactions in your brain cause you to depend on specific drugs for functioning. You can identify the difference between youths who use drugs for leisure and others to boost body functioning. This kind of addiction may be caused by genetics inherited from your parents, who are or used to be drug addicts. If your family member has experienced such a sickness, you may be likely to be addicted. Sometimes your guardians may be addicted to alcohol, but you turn a blind eye to drinking and find yourself addicted to smoking. Addiction may be an inherited condition, and to prevent the situation from escalating, you can visit Impact Recovery (https://impactrecoverycenter.net/) to seek treatment.


The environment you spend most of your time in can increase the chances of teenagers getting addicted. Most teenagers are easily led by emotions, making them vulnerable to drugs for consolation. Youths experiencing a parental crisis, abuse at home, or rejection from their guardians can easily involve themselves in drug activities to help them deal with emotions. Young people easily influence each other, and if you are among the youths living in environments where people drink and use all kinds of drugs, you can easily be peer pressured into trying the drugs. The need to fit in is a significant type of peer pressure that can lead many young people to addiction and relapses when they abstain from such immoral activities. It is best to book therapy sessions for your teenagers to understand better the long-term effects of using drugs.

Early Use

Most people who have addiction issues, especially excess alcohol consumption, claim that they began using drugs early when they were teens experimenting with all medicines. The early use of drugs can cause permanent addiction, which causes the victims to function highly when they are high and when they fail to take the harmful substances, they may experience withdrawal symptoms. Parents should be strict about their teenagers’ whereabouts to prevent them from getting exposed to drug-use early. Parents are also required to create awareness for their kids early to avoid the teenage crisis when they grow up.

Mental Disorders

Various mental illnesses can cause a higher risk of addiction. Examples of mental health conditions include depression, Attention Deficit hyperactivity disorder, and anxiety. People with depression tend to use drugs to get away from reality, while anxious people may use drugs to boost their confidence. Most victims of mental illnesses use drugs to escape from the inevitable reality, which is wrong. You must find medical care if you have such traits because the use of drugs can deteriorate your mental health, leading to impacts like going insane.

While the factors mentioned above can affect most teenagers, they can also be controlled to prevent risks of drug addiction. Some centers are being set up to offer special treatment for addicted victims, therapy sessions for people with anxiety and depression disorders, and rehabilitation care for all mental health victims. Do not be afraid to seek medical attention whenever you feel like using drugs, because drug habits can lead to worse health conditions.


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