Enrolling to Kindergarten: Sunshine Coast Area Guide


Do you have any plans to enroll your kid in a kindergarten Sunshine Coast? Is it a hassle to hunt for local kindergartens? We’ve got you covered, so don’t worry!

As our children reach the age where they become more curious about the things around them, we, as parents, should also proceed to look for opportunities where our children can grow and develop their skills and abilities.

In this article, you’ll learn why a good kindergarten is essential for your child’s development and where to find one on the Sunshine Coast.

What is Kindergarten?

Seeing our children finally going to school with their bags, notebooks, pens, and lunch boxes is exciting. Before they finally enroll in grade school or elementary, the children first need to attend kindergarten.

As a preschool educational approach, kindergarten is known for building different skills in children like communication, arts, and cooperation. 

It is recommended that the children enrolling for kindergarten are between four (4) to six (6) years old. 

Kindergarten is a supplement to elementary school, usually for six (6) years old and above. Hopefully, their skillset is above basic before elementary, especially the non-academic ones like appropriate social behavior and confidence.

Through kindergarten, we will be able to prime and prepare them for not just elementary school but for many academic years to come as long as we can lay the proper foundation for their academic and non-academic success.

How Essential is Kindergarten?

Children learn to grow as independent individuals who become more comfortable in their skills in kindergarten. This is the most crucial phase for children as they become more curious about their surroundings.

Suppose the children’s environment is not suitable for their development; they carry the consequences usually until high school. 

As an example, if they were not immersed in communication-improving exercises, there is a chance that they become too reserved and shy until they approach high school.

As parents, these are things that we do not want to happen. Listed below are two of the most important academic skills our children need and will be able to develop through kindergarten.

Kindergarten Writing Skills

In kindergarten, children are trained to become writers by starting with writing their names either in cursive or printed letters. Here, they become creative that sometimes, children create their spellings for different words. 

This is important as they are already creating a connection with letters and language – making them gain a deeper understanding of how and why we communicate. A kindergartener will learn to spell words with three letters like “cat,” “dog,” and “big.”

Aside from this, a kindergartener will become more communicative regarding their feelings and thoughts. As a result of learning new terms for their vocabulary, kids will be able to express themselves more clearly.

Finally, they will be able to discuss various topics, such as descriptions of their day, special events in their lives, and the appearance of different objects.

Kindergarten Reading Skills

Apart from their writing skills, kindergarten students will love reading, especially those with lots of pictures and colors. They become more comfortable with letters and books, which will help them read the signs around them.

In kindergarten Sunshine Coast, the students read a variety of books every day with colorful pictures to help them imagine what happened in the story. Poems, songs, and letters are also part of their curriculum – helping them understand literature and poetry at a young age.

Some specific activities are memorizing scenes in the story, following words from left to right and top to bottom, recognizing letters and learning how they sound, and becoming familiar with spellings and pronunciation.

When Choosing Your Kindergarten School

Now that we’ve established the significance of kindergarten, it’s time to look at what makes a successful kindergarten school. When picking a school, there are three (3) things you need to keep in mind:


As a parent, this is one of the most crucial considerations when selecting a kindergarten school for your kid. Getting started is as simple as looking for “kindy near me,” which is precisely what you should be doing.

Ensure your school does not require a lengthy school run to ensure your child’s safety when traveling. Also, this affects how they create their group of friends since a closer school means closer friends.

If you want a good kindergarten Sunshine Coast offers some of the best community and childcare centres Brisbane. 


It is kindergarten, and since we have already established how important it is to our children, we should also check out the performance of different kindergarten schools. 

Since plenty of kindergartens (sunshine coast) are available, it is imperative to check which one best suits your child’s personality and preference. 

They might also have different programs and curriculum offerings, so choose the one closest to your child’s likes and skills.


Most of the time, the quality of kindergarten school depends on the existence of philosophy and religion. This factor dwells more on your preference of having a particular philosophy or religion to be taught to your child.

For example, if your kindergarten school follows the Catholic faith, your child will learn about this religious education, including praying and essential scriptures. 

On the other hand, Montessori and Steiner will offer an alternative approach to the traditional way of teaching, which can be better suited for your child’s needs.

Looking for a School in Sunshine Coast Area

Now, head to the suggested kindergarten child care centres around the Sunshine Coast area. 

Lady Gowrie Kindergartens is a community-based center that is an excellent place to start your child’s early education. They are experts in tailor-fitting their services to your child and family’s needs.

They now have 98 affiliated community kindergartens across the country, specifically in Brisbane, Cairns, Dalby, Toowoomba, Warwick, Emerald, Fraser Coast, Gladstone, Gold Coast, Mackay, Sarina, Proserpine, North Burnett, Regional QLD, Sunshine Coast, Townsville, and Yeppoon.

Brisbane has lots to offer if you are looking for child care centres. This city is one of the unique places to live in, with hundreds of available child care centres Brisbane with the most advanced resources available.

If you are looking for a kindergarten, North Toowomba is a highly recommended area that offers the finest and most comfortable facilities for children (aged newborn to 12 years old).

Check out Lady Gowrie’s website to learn more!


Every child’s growth and education are greatly aided by the time spent in kindergarten. Finding the right kindergarten school is critical to your child’s growth and development.

When choosing your child’s kindergarten, keep in mind the three (3) factors to help your child and lessen the hassle on your part. If you are still looking for a place, specifically for child care Brisbane, message us now so we can help you! 


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