The Role of the Electronic Driver in Your Earphones

Electronic drivers

Music makes us feel so great and when listening through good quality earphones then gives us a wonderful experience. Earphones come in various designs and ranges. It depends on its configuration to make the earphones. Electronic drivers are used to convert electronic signals into music or sound. 

Role of Electronics Driver 

An Electronic driver is quite an essential feature in your headphones or earphones. It allows you to listen to the sound, which is the process through electrical signals. The drivers are made of components that result in creating sound. For instance, one of the components is the voice coils. The current is passed through voice coils and performs the important function of the electronic driver, which is converting electrical signals into sound. They are made up of different materials; high-quality material will surely lead to better sound quality and vice versa. In addition, pin electronics are suitable ways to test the drivers and assure the things are on track. 

Let’s Learn About Earphones Driver 

➤Dynamic Drivers 

The most common type of Bluetooth earphone driver is the dynamic driver. They are readily available in the market and are not too expensive. Dynamic divers have three main components- voice coils, a neodymium magnet, and a diaphragm attached to the voice coil. These drivers create sound based on the theory of physics – electromagnetism and follow magnetism for creating movement.

➤Planar Magnetic Drivers

These drivers are installed in high-quality earphones and are very thin. These drivers also utilized magnetic fields to generate a better quality sound. Unlike dynamic drivers, these drivers directly activate the diaphragm to produce sound. 

➤Electrostatic Drivers

These drives make the most use of static electricity. You will not find it easily and use static electricity to generate an electric field. This electric field creates vibrations that allow the diaphragm to push & pull against the electrodes (conductive plates). This movement allows air to get through the perforations. Thus create sound waves which your ear can understand. 

➤Balanced Armature Drivers

These are the smallest drivers used in the earphones. However, they are used only in in-ear monitors. The range of thesis drivers is relatively high, but the sound quality it generates is to the next level. Armature works around the two magnets, and when it is positioned in the center, it’s called balanced armature drivers. 

Magnetostriction Drivers

These drivers are pretty new to the market and gradually gaining importance. These drivers work totally differently in comparison to other electronic drivers. Magnetostriction drivers deliver an extraordinary experience by vibrating on your face’s bones, such as jawbones. 

Hybrid Drivers

These drivers are a combination of dynamic and balanced armature drivers. 

Some earphones include hybrid drivers with multiple dynamic and balanced armature drivers. Dynamic drivers reproduce low frequencies & low-mid sounds. On the other hand, balanced armature drivers reproduce high mid, high, and mid frequencies. The use of this particular combination ensures every sound frequency is properly represented. Here the sound will be quite vibrant, in detail, and has a bassy yet warm sound.  

Above are some important electronic drivers applicable to your earphones. However, they need to be tested over time to ensure the sound is working properly or not.


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