Why Plastic Promotional Mugs Work


If your company is wanting to generate promotional mugs on the cheap, then plastic promotional mugs are fantastic idea. While these are nowhere near as durable as their ceramic counterparts a plastic marketing cup can be manufactured cheaply and created quickly.

You will certainly need to take into consideration a number of unique aspects when making a plastic advertising cup, and additionally understand that this cup is not meant to be made use of for as long as other types of Promotional Umbrellas need to take the life span right into account when making it. Nonetheless, all these problems aside, if you are trying to find an inexpensive marketing product that people are likely to discover beneficial then provide due consideration towards adding plastic promotional mugs right into your marketing bag of methods.

Obviously the main benefit towards selecting a plastic advertising cup is that they are very inexpensive to create, as well as can be produced really quickly. 2 things that any type of manager is extremely happy to hear when come close to by their advertising personnel. There are basically 2 different styles of plastic promotional mugs, as well as they will certainly require 2 really different layout as well as manufacturing procedures.

The first type is a solid plastic mug with the graphics display published onto the surface area. The various other design is a clear advertising plastic mug that has a paper insert with graphics printed on the paper. These 2 different designs of promotional cup essentially fill up the same demand, though have really different manufacturing procedures that will certainly provide themselves to different applications.

For plastic promotional mugs with paper inserts you can pick a wide range of shades to be printed on the paper. As a result of this if your logo design or motto or design includes lots of colors and high-resolution graphics then you’ll certainly wish to choose this design of plastic advertising mug. Nonetheless if your graphics are rather low resolution as well as just contain a pair shades after that you will wish to select the strong plastic cup with display published graphics.

The factor for this is straightforward; display printing does not create extremely high resolution pictures, and also is restricted by the background shade of the plastic advertising mug itself. Approved there are alternatives for high resolution as well as high shade count display printing, however these are much more costly and also well past the scope of creating a cost-effective plastic advertising cup. As a result if you are persistent on having many colors and also high resolutions after that you’ll certainly intend to select the paper insert.

Sadly there is a rather significant drawback to paper inserts in a plastic advertising cup. The likelihood of fluid seeping in and this color in the paper or causing the colors to bleed is quite high. Likewise with strong plastic promotional mugs the screen published graphics are most likely to subside with time.


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