Tips for buying an iPhone in Singapore.


Buying your first iPhone can be an intimidating process. It’s not a simple decision—it’s a major one that impacts your wallet and the number of things you have to charge for the next year. If you’re contemplating whether or not the phone is worth it, these tips might help take some of the mystery out of it.

Don’t let the word “iPhone” scare you off:

When buy iPhones in bulk be sure to consider factors such as storage capacity, carrier compatibility, and warranty options. With careful planning and research, you can find the right iPhone model and purchasing strategy that meets your organization’s needs and budget.

The iPhone is the best-selling smartphone, but it isn’t everything. You need to see what else is out there—the good, bad, and ugly. The goods are often similar in price tag so you can gauge what you’re getting for your money.

Read reviews from people who own it:

You might not know much about smartphones, but you can understand why one works better than another. Everyone has that friend who’s an expert in everything, but it’s better to look at the reviews of people who are actually using the phone.

Make sure you have a plan:

There’s nothing worse than to buy iPhone in Singapore only to discover that you can’t use it because you don’t have the right plan. My family used to own a Palm Treo—it was a great smartphone, but we had to buy a $200/month plan with limited data and no texting. If you’re going to be able to use your phone, you need a plan that suits your needs.

Know what you’re getting:

Apple is notorious for not including a lot of details in its marketing materials. Don’t buy an iPhone in Singapore blindly—research the device and plan you’re considering to see if it meets your needs. For example, the iPhone can have a three-year contract or can be registered as an upgrade with Verizon Wireless (which is kind of like buying it on installment).

There are also options for buying the phone outright with a contract if you decide later that you don’t want a two-year commitment.

You’re in luck:

There’s no law that says you have to buy Apple products. If you’re not ready to commit, there are plenty of other great smartphones on the market, from Samsung to Motorola.

Keep an eye on the Current iPhone Models page for updates:

The iPhone cycles every year, and each time a new model comes out it gets more powerful relative to its predecessors.

Know what battery life you’ll get:

The iPhone has great battery life, but there are other factors that can impact it (like how old the battery is, and which apps you have running in the background). If you think that your usage will be high, then be prepared to buy a new battery.

Review the features you’re looking for:

Apple’s phones aren’t for everyone, so it’s important to think about what the iPhone can or can’t do before you decide. Some features that may matter to you:

Do you want a physical keyboard?

This is a personal decision, but some swear by them. Others prefer on-screen keyboards, which take up less space.


We’re all different and have different needs. No one phone’s perfect for everyone, so read up on what other people are using and make sure to compare them to the iPhone. If you can save some money by getting your phone somewhere other than a carrier store, then go for it.


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