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In this hustle and bustle world, every working man is in a race against time. Getting work done on time efficiently has become crucial

Writing is one of the fundamental pillars of our working society. Now that everyone has switched to the digital format of writing and printing, PDFs are the universal document format used by students: office workers, and everyone who shares similar jobs and interests.

Many PDF editors help organize and edit your PDF after saving your text to make your job easier. But they mostly ask for monthly subscriptions and thus aren’t quite economical for everyone.

An aspiring tech startup came up with a free of cost UPDF, a free PDF editor offering a variety of features introduced by Superace Software Technologies.

In this article, you will find a simple tutorial on downloading and installing UPDF on your device.                                                                                                                                                                 

What is UPDF?

The UPDF is a free PDF reader and editor that helps you get your work done almost half the time with its extensive features and applications. It is available for download on Windows and IOs and thus, is easily accessible for everyone. 

A user-friendly customizable interface for Adobe acrobat alternatives provides premium quality polishing of your content free of charge.

Key Features of UPDF

1. View PDF:

UPDF allows you to adjust and view PDF in your desired alignment. It also enables easy navigation by placing bookmarks and providing a search option to look for a particular word in the text. Other important text editing features are copy/cut and paste as well.

2. PDF Organizer:

It provides the features to easily rotate, rearrange, extract, or delete PDF pages.

3. PDF Editor:

UPDF lets you edit the text and images inserted in your PDF. You can easily change your text properties such as font style, typeface, and color. It enables you to delete, add or edit

PDF text and images.

4. Annotate PDF:

This feature allows you to add comments and shapes to your PDF

5. Other Features:

Other features of UPDF include the ability to share documents via emails.

Advantages of UPDF

The Free PDF editor offers the following advantages:

  • The most prominent feature is that it’s free of cost.
  • It works on an immaculate interface that gives your working skills a nitro boost. Like garnishing, it gives that pristine touch to the end product of your writing.
  • Another big advantage is that there is no limit to the size of the file you wish to edit. Thus, offering limitless opportunities.
  • UPDF works on an easily defined editing software, making it easy to use for even those who don’t have much experience with Adobe reader alternatives and other generic writing software.

Steps to Download UPDF

Following are the easy steps to download and install your Free PDF reader:

  1. When you open the Mac Apple store, search “UPDF” in the search bar. The app will appear on your front screen.
  1. Click on the ‘Get’ option on your Mac. In the case of IOs, click on the ‘install’ option after searching for UPDF in the App Store.
  1. After clicking ‘Install,’ enter your Apple ID credentials to obtain the DMG file.
  1. You can double-click on the DMG file and install it on any other MAC application. 

Bottom Line

People all over the globe are shifting towards the Free PDF editor. So, if you are looking for how to edit a PDF file on Mac, the PDF reader Mac is now available. We hope you found this blog easy to understand and a helpful tutorial to download and install UPDF onto your devices and enjoy zero-cost editing.


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