At first, resistance bands came into use for rehabilitation for the people getting back to everyday life after an injury or trauma. Still, people got introduced to the numerous benefits it served with the advancing world and started using them in their workout routine. Resistance bands are used widely by fitness freaks worldwide to workout in different styles and methods. These resistance bands act well as one of the best home workout equipment, and you can use them on their own to work out at home. You will be taught about different types of exercises that you can do with the resistance bands by yourself. Keep reading to learn more!

What are body resistance bands and their types?

Body Resistance bands are easy to exercise equipment that enables your body to work out by creating tension among the muscles and contracting and relaxing them correctly, which helps increase your body strength. These bands come in different types according to their shape, size and resistance levels.

  • Based on shape and size – based on condition and size, resistance bands in India are looped and non-looped. Non-looped bands even come handled and unhandled so that you can buy them at your convenience. They also come in numerous sizes, from small, medium to large, so that you can use them according to your needs.
  • Based on resistance level – Full body resistance bands are available in different types based on their resistance level from 2 lbs. to 200 lbs. These resistance bands are colour-coded according to the resistance they acquire.

How can resistance bands benefit you?

fitness exercise bands are becoming popular among workout enthusiasts as they provide numerous benefits and can be used differently. Resistance bands are a great alternative to workout machines. They are very portable and easy to carry, which adds up more to their convenience level. They can be used for various purposes such as warming up, improving your control, rehabilitating, enhancing mobility, and building strength to boost your weightlifting power. Some users claim that you start exploring more of their benefits and uses once you start using the best resistance bands.

Resistance band workouts to do at home

  • Bend-over – To do this work out, keep your feet on the resistance band, hold each end of it with each of your hands (palms facing each other), keep your back straight and straighten your arms. Bend your knees slightly and hinge your hips towards the front. Pull the band holding your hands below your shoulder and elbow close to you, then straighten your arms, returning to the starting position.
  • Bicep curls – Stand with your feet on the band, hold both of the ends of the band with each of your hands (both palms facing each other) and pull it over, squeezing your biceps. Keep the body straight and elbows tight while doing this. Slowly take your arms back to the initial position. This counts as one rep.
  • Glute bridge – Lie down on the floor with your back straight and hands resting on the floor, keeping the legs wide apart. Encircle a resistance band around your thighs. Tighten your abs and glutes at first and  apply force through your heels so that you can  lift your hips a few inches above the ground such that you make a sloppy straight line from your shoulders to your knees. Hold on for a second and come back to the starting position.
  • Lateral walk – Make a loop around your both legs with the band. Get your body to a quarter squat position and take a giant step on your right with your right leg, followed by your left leg. Keep taking such steps as long as your space allows as per your convenience. Take the steps in reverse and come to the starting position. Repeat the same in both directions alternatively.
  • Squats – Coil the band around your ankles, keep your feet widened at shoulder level. Now bend your knees with an engaged core, lift chest and flat back as you do in a regular squat. Push with your heels to get back to the initial position. Squeeze your hips on the top and repeat this exercise a convenient number of times to make a set of your choice.


There is a wide range of exercises that a resistance band offers. Different exercises target different muscle groups, providing you with a set of full-body resistance band workouts. These are easy to use and easy to carry, leaving no possibility to avoid them. They are at their best when you want to do an exercise that does not require much training and hassle, but can offer you a good intensity when done. They are suitable for all types of bodies, and anyone can use them flexibly. So, you should try using resistance bands and the effective workouts discussed in this article to experiment and explore your body. Happy exercising!


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