What’s The Difference Between Video Slots and Regular Slots


Throughout the past decade, technology has been advancing rapidly. Because of this fast development, many things in the world have been advancing with it as well, including casinos.

Online casinos are a part of today’s gambling industry, allowing customers and players to satisfy their gambling needs using online casinos. These online casinos consist of several different games such as blackjack, poker, roulette, and of course, slot machines.

Slot machines are gambling machines that allow the player to try their chance. In some countries throughout the world, these machines are known as fruit machines or poker machines. 

A slot machine consists of a coin slot, where the player inserts their coin to activate the machine. Here Mercury News you can find super slots bonus codes.

In addition to that, these slot machines consist of a lever or a button to initiate the game, and lastly, the display which shows the reels of the machine. However, even though online and land-based slot machines have some similarities, they have many differences.

Table of Contents:

  1. Land-based Slot Machines
  2. Video Slot Machines

Land-Based Slot Machine

Land-based slot machines can be found in every casino in the world. It is one of the most favored gambling machines in the world. Back in the day, when technology was not as advanced as it is today, slot machines were primarily mechanical. The main components of these land-based slot machines were the display, a lever, and the coin slot. To initiate the game, the player had to insert a specific coin to unlock the lever, and from then on, the player pulls the lever down, which stretches the springs connected to the wheels, and this small action initiates the spin of the wheels. To win, the symbols that are displayed on the reels of the slot machine, or the screen, had to be in some sort of a combination. For example, if a player gets three sevens next to each other, this condition is identified as a jackpot.

At the beginning of the 19th century, the slot machine was already out, and at that time, the wheels of the slot machines had different shapes than the ones that current slot machines have. Some of the old symbols were Spade, Diamond, Heart, Bell, and Horseshoe. However, most of the symbols on the newest versions of the slot machines contain symbols such as Cherries, Oranges, melons, apples, and the symbol BAR.

Video Slot Machines

Online slot machines work almost the same as land-based slot machines. However, the only difference between them is that anyone can play at any time, anywhere in the world, when it comes to online slot machines. Some benefits come with online slot machines. For example, online casinos and online slot machines do not require a person to get dressed and travel all the way to the casino just to enjoy a few games of slot machines. Instead, when it comes to online slot machines, one can simply play the game from the comfort of their homes, sitting on their favorite couch in their pajamas. Not only that, but land-based slot machines do not have the ability to give a player a trial game for free, but online slot machines do. Some of the online slot machines allow the player to try the game for the first time just so that the new players can learn about the game.

One of the downsides of online slot machines is that they do not provide the same gambling atmosphere as live casinos. We human beings are social creatures, and we are drawn to fancy places and catchy lights, and because of that, live casinos are a great way to provide that. When someone plays on a land-based slot machine, they have the option of going to the bar to get a drink, meet new people, and enjoy live casino games. Unfortunately, online casinos do not provide that option, which is one of the most significant downsides of online slot machines.

Key Takeaways

To conclude, when we compare land-based slot machines and online slot machines, it all comes to the player’s personal preference. Some might enjoy staying in their homes and playing online slot machines. In contrast, other people enjoy going to the casino to enjoy a drink, hang out with their friends, etc. At the end of the day, both online slot machines and land-based slot machines do not have that much difference between them.


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