Understand How To Take Care Of 100% Cotton Apparel!

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Tons of thousands of fabrics are produced each year, with cotton being one of the most popular fabrics worldwide. You must be imagining the time when your cotton shirt shrunk after the first wash. Yes, everyone has been there!! The unwanted shrinking of cotton fabric can be annoying. At the end of a hectic day, all you want to do is toss your clothes into the washing machine without reading the additional care instructions. However, considering the shrinking issue associated with cotton fabric, various renowned manufacturers have launched cotton apparel that seems and fit similar even after shrinking minimally. Let us talk about the shrinking behavior of 100% cotton fabric.

Does 100% cotton shrink?

Cotton fabric tends to shrink after the first wash due to chemical tension applied to the material and yarn during production. This is why most cotton apparels shrink from the heat and steam in the washing machines or dryers. Yes, 100% cotton also tends to shrink if not washed properly. 

This is why when you see your cotton fabrics not shrinking after the first wash, it is because the fabric is preshrunk during production. 

Furthermore, if you wish your clothing to shrink, wash them in hot water; otherwise, soak them in cold water. It is always advisable to read labels when you buy a new clothing piece. It helps you to know how to wash specific apparel for the first time.

While washing your cotton clothing in the washing machine, a gentle wash and chemical-free detergent are recommended. However, for dirty clothing, you can use hot water and a stronger detergent.

How to take care of cotton fabric?

To prevent your favorite cotton apparel from shrinking, ensure to read the labels while purchasing the item. Cotton fabrics are one of the easiest articles to take care of without worrying. The hidden trick is not to dry cotton fabrics completely. If you take them out of the drying machine while they are still damp, they will retain their size without shrinking. Although there will be a lot of wrinkles on the fabric, thankfully, it will not shrink. Let the slightly damp clothing piece air dry makes them last for a longer time. 

Cotton apparel is the most worn piece, especially in the summers, due to the comfort and high level of breathability. Due to their frequent use, they have to be washed regularly to prevent sweat infections or rashes. Cotton apparel like men’s cotton t-shirts can be laundered in various temperatures. However, if you believe in washing clothes in warm water, ensure to treat any stains before washing. This is because hot water tends to set some stains on the cotton clothes which are difficult to remove afterwards. If you are concerned about the texture and look of the fabric fading away, try flipping the clothing piece inside out before soaking them. 

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