Hair Loss for Women: Common Causes and Solutions


Although hair loss for women is not typically considered as serious as those in men, many adult females suffer from the same type of volume loss due to different factors. However, unlike in males, hair loss for women may seem more undesirable which is why finding treatment before the condition gets worse is the best course of action. 

In today’s society, the standards of beauty are becoming more and more complex. With the pressures of what you see in contemporary culture and social media, more women simply wish to look their best whether it’s through means of going under the knife or trying different products. 

Although hair loss is a common phenomenon, women are often pressured to hide what society deems unnatural. Luckily, with the advancement of science and technology, there are now many options women can try to prevent or slow down the process of hair loss. Since hair loss is quite challenging to treat once the condition progresses, it’s always better to find treatment early on. 

Common Causes of Hair Loss for Women

Adult females may tend to lose their hair due to hormonal changes they may go through in their lives. Since there are many reasons aside from aging why women may lose their hair, understanding all of them can give you a clue as to why it may be happening to you. 

1. Genetics

Although this is the most common reason why men lose their hair as they age, paying attention to the hair patterns of the women in your family can also give you an idea of why it might be happening to you. If your family has a history of alopecia, there’s a high tendency that you might suffer from the same condition. 

2.  Hormonal Changes

Women undergo hormonal fluctuations in different stages of their lives. Pregnancy and menopause can drastically affect the hormones of a woman and this, in turn, can cause hair or volume loss. Thyroid problems can also severely affect the quality of hair growth and therefore must be addressed before the situation gets worse.

3. Chemical Damage

Women are typically more adventurous when it comes to trying out different hairstyles. Hair loss for women can happen due to high exposures to chemicals and products that may do more damage than good. Finding a product that is both mild and effective is ideal especially when it comes to trying out new styles.

Finding Solutions

Remedies for hair loss especially in its early stages can come in various forms. With science and research, many women today have successfully restored the glory of their hair. In this part of the article, we’ll briefly discuss some treatments, both naturally and chemically, that you can try. 

1. A Healthy Lifestyle

Changing your diet and exercising regularly can do wonders to both your skin and hair. Though it may seem like a superficial remedy, getting the right nutrients can improve hair growth and prevent hair loss for women and men. Cutting back on unhealthy lifestyle choices like smoking can also improve your overall health.

2. Use Effective But Milder Products

Lots of products claim to aid in hair growth in the market today. However, many of them contain harmful chemicals that can damage your scalp. The best thing to do is to search for an organic product that can aid in hair growth without causing damage to your follicles. In the occurrence of hair loss, natural hair home remedies for hair growth are effective. You can manage your hair loss naturally without experiencing any negative side effects.

3. Consult Your Doctor

Medical professionals may advise you to use products like minoxidil or finasteride, especially while you’re still in the early stages of hair loss. Hair loss for women can be resolved especially when addressed before the condition worsens. Consulting your doctor is always the most ideal way before using any kind of hair growth product. 


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