5 Best Machine Learning Companies to Work for in 2021


Choosing the proper employer can help you advance your career significantly. Joining a fantastic firm will help you learn new things, improve your abilities, and advance your career. That is why, before applying for different positions, you should figure out what makes a firm exceptional. There are many machine learning companies out there, so you should know how to pick the best one.

You should also apply to businesses with a lot of growth opportunities. If you don’t see yourself working at one of these best machine learning companies in five or ten years, it’s time for you to upskill and land a lucrative machine learning engineer job at one of the top tech companies. Furthermore, you should be able to advance and be promoted if you work hard enough. You will not be driven to provide your full potential to the company if you are not motivated. Nobody wants to be stranded in a predicament. As a result, you should look for possibilities for advancement inside businesses. This list of top machine learning companies will help you find your next dream machine learning gig.

Here are some of the top machine learning firms to consider. You can seek possibilities in these machine learning companies or use them as a benchmark for locating additional high-quality firms.

1. Gramener

Gramener is a wonderful AI and machine learning firm that provides a data science platform for turning insights into tales for its clients. Gramex, the company’s platform, allows customers to generate visual representations of various metrics quickly.

Mr. Anand, the company’s creator, and CEO is one of India’s top ten data scientists. Any machine learning engineer would like to work here because it is a data-driven firm. Aside from that, their platform makes it easier for their clients’ teams to collaborate and cooperate.

Founded In: 2010

Employees: 201-500 employees

Headquarters: Princeton, NJ

Gramener Products:

  1. SlideSense
  2. Cluster
  3. Data Explorer
  4. ComicGen

Source: Gramener

2. InData Labs

InData Labs is a  data science and analytics consulting organization that provides AI-powered software and technical solutions to businesses looking to use data and machine learning algorithms to improve their bottom line.

They specialize in machine learning, AI software development, computer vision, and intelligent automation as an artificial intelligence firm. Furthermore, they help companies use AI to innovate, improve consumer insights, automate operations, and save money. This is achieved via unique technology, outstanding customer service, ongoing personnel development, and an R&D center.

Founded In: 2014

Employees: 51-200 employees

Headquarters: Nicosia, Agioi Omologites

Core Services:

  1. PoC of an AI-Based Solution
  2. MVP of an AI-Based Product
  3. AI-Driven Mobile/Web App Development
  4. AI & ML Empowering of Your Mobile/Web App
  5. ML Consulting

Source: InData Labs

3. Altoros

Altoros is an influential consultancy and professional IT services provider that assists Global 2000 companies in transforming breakthrough ideas into products with a long-term competitive edge. Altoros helps companies achieving their business goals through cloud automation and transformation; we provide strategy advice, full-cycle project support and management, and thorough training.

Founded In: 2001

Employees: 201-500 employees

Headquarters: Pleasanton, California

Core Services:

  1. Cloud-native transformation
  2. Kubernetes implementation
  3. DevOps as a service
  4. Application Transformation

Source: Altoros

4. Hidden Brains

Hidden Brains provides a wide range of Machine Learning solutions for problem-solving capabilities to Leverage Data Supremacy via Intelligent Processes. It also provides Machine Learning Consulting services. Hidden Brains Machine Learning Solutions may be used for image processing, IoT text analysis, data analysis, data visualization, and data mining.

Founded In: 2003

Employees: 201-500 employees

Headquarters: Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Core Services:

  1. Web Application Development
  2. Mobile App Development
  3. Front End Development
  4. Microsoft Development
  5. Hire Dedicated Developers
  6. Product Prototyping
  7. Cloud & DevOps

Source: Hidden Brains

5. Prolifics

Prolifics is a machine learning firm that manages the digital future of its customers. Prolific recognizes and assists users in meeting their customers’ requests and expectations. The company leverages its extensive understanding of cloud, data and analytics, digital business, DevOps, and quality assurance to provide users with a quick and comprehensive solution delivery experience. At any time, Prolifics may provide professional consulting, engineering, and managed services for any practice area.

Founded In: 1978

Employees: 1,001-5,000 employees

Headquarters: Orlando, Florida

Core Services:

  1. Cloud Services
  2. Data & Analytics
  3. DevOps
  4. Digital Business
  5. Quality Engineering and Assurance

Source: Prolifics

Young, bright minds interested in AI may join a $300 billion industry that will soar to new heights in the next few years. The finest AI businesses to work for today are those that assist the development of such brilliant people. You have to research well and pick the best machine learning company to work for. Read more about online identity verification, a step for a secure business.

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