The Importance of a Great Cover Letter


With the constant changes in recruitment, and the availability of your online resume for all employers and recruiters to see, it has become more important to make the most of a professional cover letter. This article looks at the humble cover letter and discusses why it is still the best first impression that you can make during the recruitment and job search process.

The cover letter is generally a one-pager that is written to the interviewer or hiring manager and is used to align your skills and previous experience to the job description and person specification. There are several cover letter templates, and each will allow you to detail some of the below aspects to make the most of the first thing that the employer or recruiter is likely to read from you.

Why the Cover Letter Matters Most

Here are some of the proven and most widely noted reasons that the cover letter matters and will continue to be one of the best ways to market and sell the employee to any prospective employer.

It’s the Best Way to Sell Yourself

There are many pieces of online advice as to how you can best sell yourself in your cover letter. However, the bottom line is to keep it clear and concise and allow the reader to establish from the outset exactly why you are worth considering for the position you are applying for. It’s a great opportunity to highlight all your best traits and make a concerted effort to the market who you are and what you could bring to the company.

Shows That You Can Communicate with the Written Word

Not only should the letter provide some insight into whether you are a great candidate for the job, but it should also read well, and have no spelling or grammatical errors. It should, as such, provide another aspect wherein a prospective employer can gauge some of the writing and communication skills that you have.

Can Detail Your Enthusiasm

You can use the cover letter to show exactly how passionate and keen you are about the opportunity to work with the company that you are applying to. A sentence about this enthusiasm, linked to a specific project or current piece of work that the business does, is a great way to show some previous research, but also a clear understanding as to why you want to work with them.

Adds a Personal Touch to All the Qualifications and Skills

By writing a sentence or two about yourself, and some of the top personality employee traits that you consider to be essential for the hiring company to add to its workforce, you can add a personal touch through your cover letter.

The cover letter is, therefore, one of the most important aspects of the recruitment process that you have total control over and can spend as much time and research on as you like. Write the cover letter with this in mind and follow the tips mentioned above to be sure to make a great first impression on the reader and recruiter alike.


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