The Social Media Star Hannah Barron Is Dating Cohen Smith

Hannah Barron
The Social Media Star Hannah Barron Is Dating Cohen Smith

The social media star Hannah Stone tagged Cohen on Instagram. On May 2020, Cohen wrote “in a relationship with Hannah Barron” on his Facebook account. The two have been spotted traveling to faraway places together and posting adventurous photos on Instagram. Stone and Cohen met while they were both in college and are college sweethearts. Her alleged ex-boyfriend is Garrett Dunn, owner of Electrical Trenching Services.

Hannah Barron

The social media star has been teasing about a new romance in her life. Recently, she has been sharing pictures of her boyfriend, Hunter Horton, on Instagram. The couple shared intimate photos of themselves together, but the last time we saw them together was on December 24, 2018.

Hannah Barron is a social media influencer and model from Alabama. She has more than half a million Instagram followers and over a hundred thousand YouTube subscribers. She is also known as “the hunting queen” and posts jungle and hunting videos on her account, which has more than 100 thousand subscribers. Hannah was born in 1996 and is 25 years old. Despite her young age, she has earned a lot of fan following.

Jeff Barron is a hunter and so is Hannah. The two have been involved in hunting since Hannah was four years old. Their first hunting trip together took place in Alabama. The couple also hunted deer together. She has since posted numerous videos of their activities on her YouTube channel. She is a true hunter, and a hunter herself, she shares her adventures with her followers on the website.

According to the source, Hannah Barron is worth about $1 million. She earns a salary of $57,937 a month through her official You-Tube channel and other online sources. Despite all of these sources of income, Hannah has chosen a modest lifestyle. Besides her popular Youtube channel, Hannah also co-hosts a popular outdoor show called “Hunt Hunting”.

Her zodiac sign

While the two have yet to publicly confirm their relationship, it seems that they’re going places and traveling with each other. They dated from 2011 to 2013, and they separated in 2016. In 2016, Hannah started dating Hunter Horton. In 2018, the couple got engaged, but mysteriously called it off. Now, Hannah has joined forces with Cohen, and it seems like they’re moving in the right direction. It’s unclear if their relationship will continue, but it’s certainly exciting.

Her relationship with her alleged ex-boyfriend

A lot of people have been questioning Hannah Barron’s relationship with alleged ex-boyfriend Cohen Smith, but what is the truth behind the rumors? In a recent report published by ABC News, the former Disney star admitted that she was in a relationship with Smith. But how does this happen? In the first place, why did Hannah post an Instagram photo with Cohen?

While the reality star was dating Horton, she also shared several photos of them on social media. One photo showed the two of them posing together at a deer hunting event late at night. The photos of the two together have led many to speculate that they were dating. In addition to Horton, Hannah also linked to Cohen Stone, a producer on Michael Waddell: Bone Collector.

Her catfish noodling video

After becoming a social media sensation, Hannah Barron is turning her catfish noodling video into a reality TV series. Since her cousin first filmed her catfish noodling video in 2012, it has gained over 15 million views. The talented noodler has an enormous social media following, with over 860k Instagram followers and 320k YouTube subscribers. She regularly posts fishing vlogs on her channel, and her mother occasionally appears in them.

Though Hannah Barron prefers fishing the traditional way, she is now trying her hand at noodling. She spends hours fishing for bass, but she’s been able to catch a monster flathead and blue cat in as little as fifteen minutes! Initially, Barron was hesitant to stick her arm into the hole, but was set alight after a big catfish bite.

The success of Hannah’s video led to more opportunities for her. In 2022, Hannah Barron naked is planning to date someone from her YouTube videos. Fitness is also one of her hobbies. In 2019, she was featured in a South magazine. In a catfish noodling video, she allegedly weighed 67 pounds. Apparently, the heaviest flathead in her video weighed 67 pounds.

With her growing following, she’s gaining a loyal fan base. In addition to posting catfish noodling videos, she is also promoting a giveaway for Bowmar Nutrition. Hannah has also had her own catfish hunting video, which received millions of views. It’s hard to ignore the influence of a YouTube star on the world of social media. Just think about it: Hannah Barron has been featured in a magazine called South. She keeps up her physique with a daily workout routine.

Her net worth

The social media star Hannah Barron is dating a fellow hunter and producer from Michael Waddell’s show, Bone Collector. Hannah Barron has been helping him learn to noodle and is expected to be an expert hunter by May 19 2020. Their relationship has a love triangle and many details about their relationship are sketchy at best. However, she seems to be in a good place financially.

In early 2020, the two were engaged. But the details of their relationship remain unclear. Cohen Stone is a fellow hunter and producer on the TV series Michael Waddell: Bone Collector. He has also said that Barron taught him how to noodle and that the two are “inseparable”. The last time Barron posted a picture with Cohen Stone, it was in November 2020.

According to reports, Hannah Stone and Cohen met in 2011. They were together for about two years. Since then, Garrett has been in a relationship with Lydia Mills Dunn. Hannah separated from Garrett in 2016 and started dating Hunter Horton. In early 2018, the couple got engaged, but it was mysteriously called off. She has been seen sharing pictures of themselves on her Instagram page. Cohen is also a photographer and an outdoor enthusiast.

Despite her success on social media, Hannah Barron is still single. According to some sources, Hannah Barron is dating a fellow hunter, Cohen Smith. The two are still dating, but there’s no official confirmation yet. The social media star was born on July 3, 1996. She belongs to the sign of Cancer. The couple shares an adventurous lifestyle together. They also enjoy spending time in nature and hunting.


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