Knew I wanted to become like Anand: Praggnanandhaa

Mumbai: India's R Praggnanandhaa at World Youth Chess Championship in Mumbai on Oct 6, 2019. (Photo: IANS)

Chess wonder R Praggnanandhaa on Friday said he generally realized he needed to become like five-time best on the planet Viswanathan Anand.

“I have been a tremendous aficionado of Anand and have been drawing motivation from him since the time I began playing chess,” Asian Youth Championship Winner Praggnanandhaa said on ‘Psyche Masters by MFORE’.

“I met him in 2012 just after he came back to India subsequent to winning the big showdown where my school had taken us to meet him.

“It was the second when I realized I needed to become like him. After a month, I was speaking to India at the Asian Youth Championship. I wound up winning the title post which 5 of us from Chennai won the world youth titles and got the opportunity to meet him once more.

“I was fortunate to play a game against him at Tata Steel India. I got the chance to gain so much from him. He’s a tremendous motivation,” included the 14-year old.

Star Sports in organization with MFORE has propelled another arrangement Mind Masters by MFORE to feature the significance and need of mental quality and molding in sports.

In the ongoing scene, five-time World Chess Champion Anand joined host and previous India cricketer S Badrinath to share his encounters and discussion about the significance of psyche aptitudes preparing and how it helped him as a chess player.

As of late, India leg-spinner Yuzvendra Chahal said his golden calf was Anand when he used to play chess.

“I’m happy Anand picked me as his preferred player, when I used to play chess, he was my golden calf. I played my first nationals of chess in 1998 and around then I was playing cricket also,” he had said.

“You can’t play the two games simultaneously. For chess, you need 10 – 12 hours of preparing and afterward 6 – 8 hours for cricket was getting troublesome. Along these lines, when I returned from the World Cup, I told my dad I will concentrate just on cricket.”


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