TETLIENQUAN2023 Com : Is This Site Scam Or Not?


Peruse selective surveys inaccessible somewhere else about the 2023 Tet Lien Quan gaming occasion. Additionally, know the elements and authenticity of TETLIENQUAN2023 Com.

Did you know the cross country LiênQuân mobiles local area huge disconnected enormous occasion chain is planned from seventh January-2023 until fifteenth January-2023? Garena’sLiênQuân Versatile gamesare popular in Vietnam, with more than 50M instillations. The game is evaluated 4/5 stars by more than 5.77 million clients!

Likewise. The occasion is a once in a lifetime chance for tricksters to take your record data! Know more in this article on TETLIENQUAN2023 Com.

About TetLienQuan2023.com:

TetLienQuan2023.com is a solitary page site offering a few advancements. TetLienQuan2023.com attempts to exploit the URL of the first and credible Garena’s site – lienquan.garena.vn. As the spelling of the two URLs is something similar, gamers get diverted to TetLienQuan2023.com.

Lienquan.garena.vn declared on first January-2023 a major gaming occasion that will be held in 120 districts, including 63 regions and five major urban communities, specifically Hai Phong, Hanoi, Da Nang, Ho Chi Minh City, and Can Though. The occasion is sent off in festival of the new year. The LiênQuân occasion is particularly for individuals from the LiênQuân versatile local area.

Exploiting the declaration, tricksters sent off TETLIENQUAN2023 Com on 29th-December-2022. The site’s name was picked intentionally and consolidated the terms’ LIEN,’ ‘QUAN,’ and ‘2023’. Subsequently, on web crawlers, individuals looking for Garena’s 2023 major occasion wind up getting to TetLienQuan2023.com.

TetLienQuan2023.com was refreshed on 30th-December-2022. TetLienQuan2023.com is enlisted until 29th-December-2023. It is a six days old site and terminates in the span of eleven months and 24 days.

The authenticity of TetLienQuan2023.com:

TetLienQuan2023.com acquired a horrible 1% trust rate. Because of its new enlistment, its business positioning is inaccessible. The personality of TetLienQuan2023’s proprietors is covered up utilizing paid control administrations of Whois.

The TetLienQuan2023.com is distributed in Vietnamese/Chinese language. TetLienQuan2023.com did exclude client assistance contact subtleties. TETLIENQUAN2023 Com acquired nothing Alexa and Area Authority scores. Terms of purpose, protection, and treats arrangements were unknown on TetLienQuan2023.com.

TetLienQuan2023.com utilizes a substantial HTTPS association. Its IP has a substantial SSL declaration for the following 84 days. TetLienQuan2023.com was enlisted in Tokyo, Japan. Be that as it may, it offers online types of assistance by means of three servers in China, a high-risk country.

The elements of TetLienQuan2023.com:

TetLienQuan2023.com declared a one-month gaming occasion beginning from first January-2023 until first February-2023. When the gamer logs in, irregular games are populated/presented as a piece of the gaming occasion.


TetLienQuan2023.com was sent off around a similar time when GarenaLiênQuân versatile local area declared the enormous occasion offering 12 unique awards to the victors. Individuals excited and new to GarenaLiênQuân’s true site will wind up getting to TetLienQuan2023.com. It brings about giving Facebook and Garena’s record accreditations, which is high-risk for client information. Consequently, TetLienQuan2023.com is a Trick.


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