Want Your Kids To Start Playing Basketball Like Luca Doncic?


Your desire to see your kid play as Luca Doncic is quite understandable. No player since the 1960s has nailed the game like Doncic. 20 rebounds, 50 points, and 10 assists in the NBA game, Luca Doncic, on Tuesday night, stretched till 60 points. His game is considered the highest scoring ever. Children usually, while learning basketball, wish to acquire that Luca style. In the recent match, he stunned the audience by making a move with a goofy dance. He bounced his arms up and down in a herky jerky. Before you start expecting your kid to play like him, teach him some basketball tips. Here are the perfect skills your kid can acquire to smoothen his sport.

Get a Kit 

The first and the most important thing before your kid starts learning basketball is a good pair of basketball shoes, a basketball ball, probably your choice of the size can be 29.5 basketball. A wrong pair of shoes and the wrong ball can damage the game completely and also injure your kid. Good cushioning and running is crucial in the game. You can go for high-top shoes, they provide more support for ankles. You can get youth basketballs in bulk from a trusted place. Never rely on local shops for good quality unless they are selling some branded products. 

Get in Shape

Basketball is a difficult sport. It will challenge your kid physically, so, be in the best condition possible. The better shape your child holds, the better stamina he will derive for the game. Also, the quicker his response time will be. This also helps in avoiding injury. Running often helps in raising your cardiovascular fitness. Sports like basketball along with yoga increases your agility and flexibility. 


Your kid will never find a better alternative to practice. With dedication and key skills including passing, dribbling, and shooting, a player really improves. As a beginner to the sport, your kid can master the fundamentals of the game. But, the critical aspect is enjoyment and development of the game. 

Try Dribbling with the weak hand

Ensure your child is practicing dribbling with his weak hand. He shall get comfortable with both the hands. The dribble practice will make his weak hand as efficient as the other hand. Make him learn to dribble with his head up and now down. This allows the person to see the things happening around him. Also, he should dribble as fast as he could but the control over the call should be maintained. 

Shooting practice

Shooting is one of the most significant aspects of basketball. To shoot like Luca Doncic, your kid must practice shooting everyday from different positions. Know the basketball shooting range and practice accordingly. Always maintain your technique by holding the follow through appropriately. Tell your kid to keep his eye on the rim of the basket for balancing the duration of the shot. 


Once your kid gets started with the sport, you need to motivate him for the best. There are several concrete steps that young athletes can take to hone their skills. From working on controlling the ball to improving your endurance, you can elevate your game and put your best to learn the game even better. 


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