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In recent times, people are so sophisticated in luxurious life. For comfort in the height of summer, everyone including the mediocre are habituated with Air Conditioners (AC). With the increasing demand in the usage of electronics, it’s also important to take precautions of such luxury to avoid major damages. Just like other home appliances, AC also needs maintenance at frequent intervals. In the era of technology, ACs are designed to provide 10 to 15 years of reliability. Still, the most reliable home appliances require maintenance. Here are some commonly observed issues with the AC at your place.

  • Water leakage
  • Unable to turn on
  • Cooling issues
  • Fan breakdown 
  • Freon leakage
  • Electric control loss
  • Sensors issues
  • Noise issues

Here are some of the best remedies to maintain your AC and utilize it for a long period with minimum energy consumption and repair cost. 

Water Leakage Issues

If your AC has leakage issues it could be dangerous. The leakage issues include water leakage and refrigerant (the liquid used to cool the air) leakage. If you notice an issue with inside components, the reason can be blockage of compression drain or air filters, which results in the back flow of water from exhaustion pipe. Another reason includes cracked or overflowing drainage pan.

The inside water leakage issues can be resolved by pouring vinegar or applying vacuum. You can also change your air filters every 03 months machine lubricants. To resolve the issues with cracked pan you should inspect the pan bottom, corners and edges. You can use water sealant to fix the issue for a short period but it’s advisable to change the pan as soon as possible. As a part of maintenance, you can perform it on a regular basis to avoid leakage issues. If the problem is not resolved by such remedies, it’s time to call the pro. You can just search google for the best ac repair Denver, hire the one, sit back and relax.

Dirty Filters

Majority of the time, when AC is not working properly the major reason is dusty air filters. The air filters generally get clogged with dust in air, dust mites, pet hairs, bacteria and other air pollutants. The clogged air filters reduce the ability of your system to cool the air effectively. Hence, as a part of monthly maintenance you should check your air filters and clean it on a regular basis.

For cleaning the air filters you just need to remove it, clean the dust and rinse it under warm water. If still the system is not working effectively, it’s time to buy new filters. Ideally you should change the filters every 3 months.

Fan breakdown

The AC unit contains two fans, one blows indoor air over an evaporator coil to cool the air, while another blows the air over the condenser to throw out the absorbed heat. Due to lack of lubricants, faulty motors, worn belts or too much dust, the fan may not work properly and you end up with an air conditioner problem. If you avoid such issues, it can permanently damage the compressor. 

If you find the issue with your indoor fan, you should start with the breaker. Following that check the filters, if you find the dust on filters you can clean it or if required you can change it. Check for ice on the evaporator coil and refrigerant lines. Allow it to melt down. Finally, check the coil, if it is frozen, you need to call a professional to resolve such an issue.

If you find an issue with an outdoor fan, you should start with the fuse box. If reset doesn’t resolve the issue, check the start capacitor. Try to push the fan using a wooden stick. Still, the problem is not solved, so you should call the professional to check the system. You can search for the best air conditioning repair San Diego, and get it done to avoid major damage.

Freon/Refrigerant Leak

When your AC is blowing warm air or not cooling the room effectively, your system might have a freon leak which requires your attention. Freon is a coolant,  the main body of the air conditioner which functions to cool the air blowing from the air conditioner. In tend of  refrigerant leak it can reduce the potential of air conditioners and also could harm the environment. To avoid the major issue you should call the professional as installing the coolant is not a DIY job.

Electric control loss

When you turn on and turn off the system multiple times, you may end up with tripping out the fan and compressor.  The compressor, condensed motor, and blowing motor are connected to start the system. If the wiring is damaged, you should check each component, as it results in the electric loss.

To prevent this kind of issue go through the electric connection of the system. If you cannot solve the issue, call the technicians  from emergency ac repair Scottsdale to resolve such issues.

Noise issue

Loud noise from your system is a sign something is incorrect, not working properly in the system. You may hear different types of noise from AC including banging, buzzing, clicking hissing and screeching noise. Each noise is an indication of a specific component issue.

If you hear banging noise, the issue may be with the compressor. As the compressor is hermetically sealed, you need to get it changed by pro to avoid such an issue. Buzzing noise indicates electrical issues which include failing motors, loose wire, broken capacitor, and arcing. If you hear clicking noise, it may be due to a small object stuck in the blower fan. If you hear hissing noise, that indicates a problem with duck leak or a bad expansion valve or air filter that is not fitted correctly. Usually hissing noise is due to a leak of refrigerant. You should not try to resolve the issues when it comes to refrigerant as it requires utmost care and skills to change. Finally the screeching noise may be heard due to a bad compressor, bad outdoor fan motor or faulty blower motor.

Finally, to avoid the above stated issues, you should stop by the professional, the best air conditioning repair san diego, and buy the yearly maintenance subscription. As some of the above issues can not be resolved by yourself, unless you are pro. Problems with refrigerant and compressor may lead to major damage, hence its always better to call the pro and get the system checked once in a while.


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