Top 5 Fixing Tips For Frequently Occurring Water Heater Issues


The water heater is one of the most important appliances in your house. It is also the one which gives the most headache. We have identified certain common problems that occur more frequently than others. There are ways to fix them or at least stop the damage temporarily while you wait for a certified plumber. 

One thing to remember is while installing the water heater always go for a well-known and trusted company. Proper installation will prolong the life of your water heater unit. EZ Plumbing is a very popular brand for the best water heater installation in California. 

No Hot Water

One of the most annoying problems, you can have is no hot water at all after the anticipation. There are a few reasons it might happen. They are a blown fuse, a faulty thermostat, a faulty heating element, etc. 

You can try a few things to resolve this. Make sure your water heater is plugged in first. You may have blown a fuse or triggered the circuit breaker. If required, reset the breaker or replace the fuse. It’s also a good idea to check that your pilot light is on. Relighting the pilot light is necessary if it has gone out. Contact your technician if neither of these solutions works. 

Very little hot water

As water heaters become older, they provide less hot water. There may be an easy fix for when you suddenly notice a significant decrease of hot water during typical use. It is possible that you have a malfunctioning thermostat in your home. 

The first step is to make sure your thermostat is working properly. To change the water heater temperature, turn the thermostat up. Test the temperature of the water from a faucet after a few hours have passed. Look around your unit for a leak if that doesn’t solve the problem Leaks can reduce the supply of hot water as well as need Leak Repairs.

 As a last resort, try flushing your tank if the other thermostat is operating Alright and there is no leak. Mineral accumulation might impede flow in some cases. It’s possible that flushing will remove some of that buildup. You should call a professional  plumber if none of these solutions work. 

Insanely hot water

The thermostat may be set too high if the water is running too hot. The first step is to reduce the temperature of the thermostat. After a few hours, turn on a faucet and check the water quality. If your faucets spout hot water or steam before you turn those on, your water heater is not shutting off when it reaches its set temperature. This might be a sign that anything is wrong with your device. To have your water heater repaired or replaced, call your local expert. 

Always read your instruction manual to maintain heat and efficiency. To get the best of both worlds, the US Department of Energy advises a temperature of 120°F. 

The Water is dirty

Hot water that is discolored, filthy or rusty may signal a problem with your water heater. Use cold water to be sure. If Coldwater is also discolored, you might not have a problem with your water heater. On the other hand,  You might try cleansing your tank if the discoloration is limited to the hot water. 

This might happen if you have sediment in your tank. Flushing your tank should remove any undesirable sediment and restore your water’s natural color. Turn off the electricity and/or gas before flushing your tank. A garden hose may be attached to the bottom of your unit and directed to the outside or a drain. Finally, close the water inlet valves. Lastly, switch on the sink’s drain valve.  Drain the water tank to the very last drop. Finally, switch on the cold water input and the drain valve a few times. If you’ve already turned off all the neighboring faucets, then open your drain and wait for the water to flow out entirely. In some cases, it may be necessary to repeat these processes to ensure that the water drains clear. Close the drain, remove the garden hose, turn on the water inlet valves, and turn on the power/gas after you’re done. Please call a professional if this doesn’t help.


The most common causes of water heater leaks are as follows drain valves that have been damaged, corrosion, Waterline connections that are not secure and temperature/pressure relief valves that have failed, etc. 

Check the valves, pipes, and connections to find out the leak. But before everything, you must empty your tank and remove it from the power source for safety. Leaks can easily be avoided if the water heater unit is properly installed. 

Proper and best water heater installation in Californiais as easy as picking up the phone and calling on EZ’s number. Our teams are available 24/7 to serve you. We also offer repair and maintenance services.  If you are looking for water heater installation in Riverside, visit your local EZ Plumbing office or call us at the given number.  


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