Writing Skills: An Essential Part of Learning


At a point in time, we had a conception that only journalists, writers, and digital marketers had good writing skills. But now, with the growing importance of communication, it is required to have good writing and speaking skills. Good communication is required in almost every industry and for every job. Therefore, writing skills have been introduced into the school curriculum for children so that they can practice writing and get acquainted with the format and style of writing. 

Importance of Writing Skills in Schools

Writing skills have been introduced into our curriculum to make the students stay acquainted with the writing process and the format. Whenever we go for a job interview, we will be asked various questions and send our CV; when we go for higher studies, we will have to go through the communication and writing skill test. Therefore, the introduction of writing skills into our curriculum has been really helpful. We have been taught to prepare a CV from a very young age; we have learnt to write a notice, formal and informal letters, etc. Writing a speech does not have any specific format, but it has helped us in brainstorming various topics to speak about. We have written on various speech topics, and they have helped us not only in developing our writing skills but also helped us in having a keen observation of various aspects. 

Writing helps us in developing our skills and ideas. It also helps in expressing our feelings, thoughts, and ideas, which we are unable to express. It has been the best medium of communication for us. We have been taught to write a diary every day, and that has been very helpful to teenage people to overcome depression and other issues. At times, we are too shy to express our feelings to our parents or friends, or we do not have a lot of people to share our feelings with; therefore, we have learnt the informal letter format. These informal letters are written to our friends or families, and it has been the best method to communicate with them and share whatever we feel for them. 

Why is Developing Writing Skills Important?

When we go for higher studies or get into jobs, writing skills play a major role. Whether it is our project, assignment, reports, sales, etc., we will have to write them to the authorised person and follow the format. We may also be asked to write on various speech topics but all these help us to improve our writing skills. So along with developing the skills, understanding the importance of writing skills can influence the way we work.

  • Maintaining professionalism

If you have the proper writing skills and have a thorough knowledge of the formal language of writing, then the message can be delivered in the right manner to the right person. Writing the ideas clearly makes it easier for everyone to understand your feelings and thoughts.

  • Show your ability at work

Even though your job is not related to English grammar, people will remember you for making grammatical errors. You will come across a lot of people who may not rectify your errors but might mimic you at your back and make fun of you.

  • Gaining professional confidence

Every piece of content we write has a purpose. A well-written company proposal attracts potential partners and investors. Emails that are concise and brief will further impress potential purchasers. Your management will be enthralled by your well-crafted reports. So writing skills are not only essential to a certain age. It is needed at every point of our lives. Whether to maintain a professional life or a good student, a good teacher, we need to be well-versed with the formats of writing and maintain professionalism in our writing skills. 


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