Verizon Free Message Scam – Be Careful With The Scam!


The aide shares insights concerning the new Verizon Free Message Scam that is focusing on numerous shoppers in America.

Con artists are focusing on cell phone clients across the United States by means of trick instant messages and messages. Verizon is the renowned versatile organization supplier in America, and it has a great many clients the country over.

Tricksters are focusing on Verizon clients by sending them trick instant messages professing to offer them a prize and unconditional presents as remuneration for frail and helpless signals the month before. Other comparative trick instant messages are shipped off clients professing to offer compensations for covering their last month’s bills.

Clients are concerned and need to know more insights regarding Verizon Free Message Scam.

Chapter by chapter guide

What is Verizon Message Scam?

How Does the Verizon Free Message Scam Look?

How Has Verizon Dealt with Aware Users?


What is Verizon Message Scam?

Verizon message trick is the new instant message trick coursing and annoying numerous Verizon clients across the United States. Tricksters are sending trick instant messages to irregular clients of the Verizon network across the states.

The trick message includes the beneficiary’s name and a dubious connection. The message professes to offer them unconditional presents and awards as pay for the feeble and helpless organization signals in Sept 2021.

Comparable trick messages are likewise conveyed to clients requesting that they click on the dubious connection to present their subtleties and guarantee compensations for charge installments last month.

How Does the Verizon Free Message Scam Look?

The trick instant messages seem to come from trustworthy organization suppliers, as Verizon. It tends to the beneficiaries by their name, and it is because of the spilled information of clients. It additionally makes the message look real.

The message peruses, “Verizon Free Message: Sorry for the Signal Issues on fifteenth September, “Beneficiary Name!” Here’s is Little Compensation for you. It contains a dubious connection toward the end, and clients are approached to tap the connection to guarantee the prizes and gifts.

Notwithstanding, clients should not click or follow any connection that accompanies the Verizon Free Message Scam. The message accompanies an obscure number “1860-996-2595.”

It peruses “Much obliged for your Payment” Please Accept the Special refund of $200 by Clicking the Link Below.

How Has Verizon Dealt with Aware Users?

Verizon knows about the new phishing trick instant message focusing on faithful Verizon shoppers. The trick instant message draws in the customers and sidetracks them to the outsider sites to take their data or infuse infections into their framework.

Verizon won’t ever send email or instant messages requesting individual or record data. Thus, if any buyer gets such an instant message, they should disregard the Verizon Free Message Scam and erase it. The following are a couple of essential advances that Verizon requests that their shopper do.

Never react to the email or trick instant messages

Never click on the arbitrary connections

Try not to open or tap on the connections

Try not to share any information or individual data on the outsider site


Phishing text tricks are getting well known and focusing on numerous unwavering purchasers on portable organization suppliers. Verizon buyers are whining about the phishing text tricks that are professing to offer compensations for helpless signs. In any case, there is no authority affirmation from Verizon about free awards for helpless signs.


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