Is Pearl Fernandez Still Alive – A Gist About The Case!


The post discussions about Is Pearl Fernandez Still Alive to discover reality with regards to the gossip.

The horrifying demise of Gabriel Fernandez from California, United States, isn’t unmindful of the world. The passing of the eight-year-old kid made a significant news and features back in 2013. The case grabbed the eye of people in general across the world, including Canada to Australia.

The charged was in all honesty Pearl Fernandez, who turns out to be the casualty’s mom. Before long, she was detained with being demonstrated blameworthy for charges. Be that as it may, she is by and by back in the news.

Is Pearl Fernandez Still Alive? Is it bits of gossip, or there is any reality to it? Continue to peruse to know more.

Who is Pearl Fernandez?

Pearl Fernandez is the superb blamed, and her sweetheart Isauro Aguirre was demonstrated blameworthy for purportedly tormenting and mishandling an eight-year-old youngster prompting his demise. She is the mother of Gabriel Fernandez, who was discovered dead on 24 May 2013.

According to sources, he was tormented and manhandled for a delayed period by his mom Pearl and her sweetheart Isauro Aguire, who got actual authority from his grandparents.

In any case, Is Pearl Fernandez Still Alive? Is there any reality to the reports about her being scorched alive in jail?

We would go to the core of reality in some time.

A Gist About The Case

Pearl Fernandez is Gabriel Fernandez’s mom, and she and her playmate Isauro Aguirre had got Gabriel’s actual guardianship. Nonetheless, during the eight months he remained with his mom, he was purportedly tormented and mishandled intellectually and genuinely. Besides, according to sources, he was beaten on 22 May 2013, prompting his passing inside 2 days.

Is Pearl Fernandez Still Alive?

Pearl and her accomplice were seen as liable. While the jury condemned Isauro to death and sent him to San Quentin State Prison, Pearl was condemned to existence without the chance for further appeal. According to the most recent update, she is detained at California’s Chowchilla State Women’s Prison.

Presently coming to, as she consumed in jail? All things considered, in the wake of leading top to bottom exploration, we were unable to discover any proof or evidence supporting something very similar. Subsequently, it is as yet hazy.

According to reports, she admitted to her wrongdoing and was condemned by a jury to serve life detainment for killing her organic child. Accordingly, the response to Is Pearl Fernandez Still Alive is indistinct and positively a piece of lie news with no proof for help.

Last Conclusion

Pearl Fernandez was blamed for purposeful manslaughter and enjoying first-degree murder in the year 2013. As the casualty’s mom confessed to her bad behavior, the jury condemned her to life detainment without the chance for further appeal. According to the news, she is right now carrying out her punishment at California’s Chowchilla State Women’s Prison.


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